Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bomb explosion at Movida nightclub in Puchong Jaya in Malaysia

I stay in Puchong and just last week I parked at IOI Boulevard when I fetched Uncle Siang to TM Point to cut the old land line in my old Taman in Cheras as we are all not staying there any more. So it was with great trepidation when friends sent me whatsapp links and messages followed by photos of the bomb (turned out to be a hand grenade but damage was just as bad if you view the pictures).
 confusion, mayhem and unnecessary disruption.
 This girl is bleeding by the bucketfuls!
 Gosh!!! bleeding and lying on the pavement waiting and suffering in agony!
 what a mess!
File picture of Movida...judging from the men holding their kids with wives and the grandma taking handphone pics, this place must have been a wholesome family place to gather for outings and in this case, watching a ball game together.
After the blast

It was even on world news: Reuters

However, I am glad to read the next day that the nightclub has bounced back quickly and is back in business with patrons unfazed because they say "grenade blast can happen anywhere"

PressReader - The Star Malaysia: 2016-06-29 - Back after grenade blast
Back after grenade blast. Second wedding anniversary of couple ends in disaster after grenade blast. The Star Malaysia - 2016-06-29 - 

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