Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Star Women’s Fiesta #HeForShe Couple Talk

This is the second part of the wow women Talk

I signed up to get a chance to listen to the "power couples" talk live, but alas Harith Iskandar and Jezamine could not make it. 

Elaine Lee from Mercedes started off the talk. 

Then Linora  appeared... she would be moderating the talk show 

Tim Tiah of Colony and Nuff Nang and his wife Audrey
Beauty queen Kavita Kaur and Roberto Gulati 

Good way to drag myself out of bed on Sunday morning to attend this talk! 

Linora liked my post on Instagram and I lifted this pic off hers!!! 

After this talk Chan Fong came on. He talked in Cantonese and those who could not understand chinese walked off and left! 

  Chan Fong ( actually I do not know who he was as I do not listen to chinese radio station) 

After the talk I went to the fiesta again to collect more chops for freebies hahaha! Will show you my haul next post! 

Monday, March 12, 2018


Went to the "wow women fiesta" organised by the Star in conjunction with international women’s day and met my IWA friend Mabel Hui there! 

I had registered for this workshop so I could see Aireen Omar in person.

Main reason for the visit was also  to hear the others talk... well, Aireen Omar wasn’t able to come and was represented by Yap Mun Ching, Air Asia Foundation executive director who shared her working experience as a woman in the aviation industry. 

Ms. Yap wrapping up her  talk 

It was held at MBO big screen

The other speakers were Joyce Chuah, a financial planner, Dahlia Nadhirah founder of So Lek cosmetics Jenn Low of Wanderlust + Co and Tunku Mina Riza director of Redha. 

Tunku Mona.. took this pic from her ig

Dahlia’s brother sat next to me and gave great moral support to her!

So did  Dahlia’s husband who took the first question during the q and a session! I did not know of So Lek cosmetics or Dahlia, or even Jenn, or Tunku MonaRiza and her movie Redha, but now I do.

Joyce Chuah’s segment 

Jenn Low: success at only 33 years old!! 

Missed Rubin’s slot because I was famished and went to visit the stalls at the fiesta hoping for some free sampling of food!!! 

Well, I was glad I dragged myself out of bed to attend these talks because I get to meet and hear the success stories of  accomplished people, just like in 2001 when I attended Yasmin's talk before she became so famous re: her Petronas ads, and before she died so prematurely. 

No water

On my way out I saw the water truck along 6B and took pics from my car 

My neighbor happy carrying his bottles of water 

I sent this pic to our neighborhood WhatsApp chatgroup 

I think it was because of the DAP flag

Because the next day my photo was used as a story on the ADUN (you all know who he is) for Kinrara’s Facebook page!!! 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Monspace investment opportunity

Last week my friend invited me for dinner at Monspace Seafood Culinary Restaurant.

Such a cute ensemble outside the restaurant I couldn’t resist snapping a pic!!!
My friend and her husband invited me to this culinary restaurant for dinner because there is a meeting that night about the Monspace investment scheme. 
Basically you pay upfront RM6.000 and you will get msp2500 points or Monspace points plus 10,000 msp which equals 125000 points for you to spend online at their online store.
Rm6000 in 2018 which is 12500 map points will translate to RM25000 if 12500 multiplies 0.50 USD equals to 62500usdxrm4.00 ...
So I asked my friend whether I could take out my RM25000. now?

You can google this scheme and also the founder Jessy Lai.  She is big in China and China even issued a set of limited edition stamps which is open for collection to a select few. 

While I have not invested my rm6000 yet ....

Hajrah's Wedding 16 September 2017

On 16 september 2017 I went to my student Hajah's wedding.

 This is my food, it was buffet at One City, Puchong. 
 While eating, the bride and groom walked down the red carpet.

Then I noticed her grand skirt which had gigantic roses!

 Wow!!! such elaborate swathes of cloth that were made to look like giant roses! 

 Met my ex convent Peel Road teachers at the wedding.
 Went to the VIP table to take close up with the bride.
 My teachers and the bride.

 Close up of Hajrah.

 Going back, we took lots of pics just because the walkway was elaborate and picture worthy!


 Also had fun at the photobooth!!!! Fun Wedding!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Luang Prabang Day 3

On the 3rd day, we walked down the other side of the road to this cute little roadside breakfast place and had a hearty brekkie!!!

Look at daughter...close to 20 but looks and behaves like a kiddo with us. She is absolutely comfy and warm in her hoodie bought the night before,

Loved the breakfast, with local Laos noodle soup too.

Our destination today is Kouang Si Waterfall, the most famous and instgrammable place in Laos

Before we reach Kuangsi, we had to go through Bear Sanctuary and these two suddenly went into Bear Mode.

Real bears frolicking at the shelter.

before we knew it we reached the waterfall (after a long trek...)

wow, breathtaking, and cold!!!

Lost no time in taking phots, lots of photos!!!!

We could not afford to waste too much time at one spot because we had other nooks to cover.

Another level. I suppose you could go up there to take really good shots, but it was too cold!!!
I could do another blog post solely for Kuangsi Falls, so I leave this place to show you the other attractions that we went for Day 3.

As we left the waterfall, I saw this odd sign, hahaha!!!! NO BARE CHESTS!!!!

Lunch was at this market place.  Full of tourists, good food and lots of shopping stalls too.

Walking back, we even had the chance to drop in at the many temples.

Unpronounceable names so I shoot the signage.

Another temple.

With the iconic coconut tree.....this is the picture that they advertise Luang Prabang with.

On reaching our room, she drops gratefully on her bed and proceeded to nap the lunch break off!!! Well, teenagers are really sleep-deprived. (soon to be ex-teenager)

After her power nap we are going to the next attraction: The Peak

Long long climb up......NEXT POST.....hahahah!!!!