Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dragon Boat Festival 18 June 2018

On Monday it was the 5 th day of the fifth moon in the Chinese Lunar calendar so that means it’s the dumpling or bak Chang or Chung festival. 

It’s also the Drahon Boat Festival for those places having a body of water like Penang, Hong Kong and Canada to babe a few 

This is the meat dumplings Irene bought for us...there are 2 types here : Nyonya and the normal meat dumplings. 

And these are the ones Joanne my “besan” bought for us. 

Pillow dumpling, Hokkien and Cantonese dumplings.

Very very delicious... full of meat, beans, chestnuts, mushrooms, pork.

My daughter actually went on a dragon boat tourney and she travelled to the US for it.

She’s enjoying the view before she hit the boats. 

AirAsia X and AirAsia AGM

Today June 20 : I’m at Air Asia AGM again just for the RM500 voucher that will be given to attendees.

We are early this time so managed to get our nasi lemak breakfast omg! 

Last AGM food vouchers... we were late so yellow boxed nasi lemak first batch was all snapped up! For this AirAsia X AGM you will get free flights to Xian, Jaipur, and a few other destinations. 

Since we were late, we got this airplane aluminum foiled ones instead at one o’clock after agm finished. 

If you come past 9 you are late... late..LATE!

Grandma cuddling her ward while parents sit in.

I also wait here bec marquee was too freezingky cold! 

Formula 1 car display in foyer

Full shot 

Just to show you how cars are parked and how many attend the agm for free flight tickets and 500 vouchers .... 

Friday, June 8, 2018

New York Skin Solution free Facial

Tried New York Skin many times before but saw their free promotion and instantly applied for it. 

Went to the one at Mid Valley Boulevard, actually there’s one at IOI Mall which is much nearer to me!

It’s ok I’m game to try this outlet. I think I had a series of treatment long ago after my 3rd baby was born when I had a lot of pigmentation during pregnancy. 

Consultation room 

Peeled of one eye pad to take a selfie! 

My free gifts !

Brought it to Taiwan to use and left it on my huge ChingJing farm resort bed 

But they found it for me!! I will get it in July when they come over for our installation night. P (President) IT will bring it for me. 

Victoria Facelift

Went for a free Victoria Facelift trial today 

Chose my nearest outlet at IOI Mall..only 20 minutes to reach plus parking is such a breeze unlike Mid valley or Paradigm Mall.  

It’s in the 1st floor  south wing and I parked right outside near the entrance of IOI where the FAB outlets are eg Sakae Sushi and TGIF.

I’m going to get the 7 treatments including facelift, fine lines erasure, collagen mask , lymphatic drainage  etc

My face before...

Ready for treatment in my room 

This is the facelift machine... quite painful! 

My take home free gifts. My facial girl, Wendy from Tanjung Tualang showed me some packages starting from rm480 but she did not do any hard sell and readily presented my freebies without forcing me to sign on any treatments. I recommend you to try Victoria Facelift free trial! 

My face and neck before and after..not much difference you say... of course dear... you can’t expect miracles from just one treatment do you ? 

Here’s what I found on their website: 



  • Visible lifting & anti-ageing results
  • Visibly reduce wrinkles & fine lines
  • Lifts & firms saggy skin
  • Restores skin's elasticity
  • Stimulates collagen regeneration
  • Highly moisturising, improves dry skin
  • No surgery, no injection, no side-effect, no downtime

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Asia Cuisine

Vivien has been a filial daughter and has looked after her ailing mom for years..taking her out in wheelchair everywhere. Now she got one for me whether I wanted or not Hehe !  

Waiting while vivien go get wheelchair and Esther paid the deposit .

We looked very happy! She cannot stand that I walked so slowly and she’s very adept at handling it..she knows where the lifts are and slopes and steps are nothing to her!! 

Hahahaha!!! I’m hardly the invalid ..just lazy to walk! 

Cafe hopping we will go! 

We are at Asia Cuisine bec Julia had cravings for keropok lekor

All of us had hazelnut coffee


We all shared crispy Yee Mee

Satisfying! After our Putien lunch! This costs only slightly more than rm10 as compared to the Putien lor Mee at rm20.90.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Girls’ Day Out: Putien Lunch

Spontaneously we went out for lunch at short notice and our chosen place was Putien at Sunway Velocity 

I chose today 6 June 2018 because I had my volunteer teaching at Jalan Horley and it was a breeze for me to drive to Velocity.

Putien is on the 2nd floor next to Popular Bookstore

It is a Michelin one starred restaurant !

From Singapore 

Yummy samba chili sauce

Our first order came... very very small plate of scallop bihun at RM20.90

This is also expensive because it’s only stewed bitter gourd! RM19.90! Only one piece each and one to spare

6 pieces of buns to go with above meat which has more onions than meat..RM47.40

Signature lor Mee RM20.90

Stir fried yam RM12.90 (mire like deep fried yam)

Esther brought her own Poh Lei tea leaves and we were charged rm15 for 6 pax (hot water!!) and we returned some unopened wet towels and were billed  for 2 ..I qr coded and submitted feedback and got a voucher for their lor Mee which Esther will utilize on her next visit.

Waiting outside Putien for Vivien to get my wheelchair LOL!!

Lovely food and best company!!!

6 of us..including Vivien’s sister.

Our corner in Putien. Verdict: good food Worthy of the Michelin star but portions were tiny and prices were stiff. With the total of 153.10, we forked our rm25.50 each which was reasonable but we were not full... we adjourned somewhere else for coffee and crispy Yee Mee!