Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Korea: Palace Hotel ane Backlane BBQ Dinner 20 October 2016

We stayed at Palace Hotel and walked out in search of dinner for the night.
 We found this place: aiyah, we can't read Korean and there isn't any English equivalent so here's the pic: the name of the eatery is on the menu.  We had the beef for W12,000 and squids for W2,000.
 and soup for W8000(just point at the picture lo)
 So, here's the squids, laid out on the wire rack to be barbecued...OUTSIDE the restaurant!
He's waving at me taking his photo,,,! and yes, he's on top of the drain with a mini bbq set and he's grilling our squids which gave off a heavenly aroma!
 closer look at how he is doing it and note the gigantic chimney-like smoke sucker!
 The wife gives us the beef which she will fix on our rota table top bbq (below)
 The coals are reduced to embers...
 Another helper fixes chimney (extensions) that goes up to the roof. while he watches, mouth agape!!! he is mighty impressed!
See, how cool is that?
 Now we can grill the beef (actually they are self rotating and we do not need to do any grilling)!
 and of course the side dishes!!
 The squids are done, our soup is here, and our meal is complete!

Grand meal right? Fluffy white rice, beef, sotong, soup and side dishes!
 So nice!!!
 A view of the tiny shop, the assistant is watching TV right behind us!!
 The friendly shopkeeper is walking down the back alley and telling us where to find fruits, and other stuff down the alley.  Guess, it is still very safe to walk around alleys and not afraid of getting mugged or your bag snatched, unlike back home.
 We stand in front of the shop with the name on it, so you can go try this wonderful place is you like!
 We are now back in the hotel in one piece.....we feel very carefree and safe and we just had the most satisfying dinner.
 Palace Hotel coffee shop
The lobby, well, it is now late at night.....See ya next post!  I promise to be on time!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jeju Island Mysterious Road (도깨비 도로)

What is the Mysterious Road? 
Sounds Mysterious eh?
 Read for yourself what Mysterious road is about....
 We foumd the sign in front of Mysterious Road and proceeded to try to unravel the mystery.

 Actually, I found nothing mysterious about it!!! He tried driving according to the instructions, ( experience the strange phenomenon of going uphill when your vehicle’s engine is turned off)  to no avail, hehe...

 Mysterious houses?

 so we did the next best thing...we went to find the rock which says :"Mysterious Road"
 And we posed underneath it....Look! we have done the Mysterious Road!

 While going back to the car, we found a mysterious message on the it below..

 What does it mean? can you decipher the cryptic message? hahaha!!!
 This is the location of the Mysterious Road.

The Rock!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jeongbang Waterfall, Seogwipo (정방폭포)

Jeongbang Waterfall, Seogwipo

The wonderful thing about a self conducted tour is that we can dash off to as many tourist spots as we can by forgoing lunch (heavy buffet breakfast at hotel can tide us over lunch) and we do not need to wait for anyone so we could visit any place not scheduled by conducted tours.
So looking up the (English) guidebook, we found this waterfall, one of many.
We chose this as it is on the way and is touted to be "the only waterfall in the world to fall directly into the ocean"

Entrance ticket is needed. 10.000 won.

"On the cliff high above the sea stands an old evergreen tree, leaning out as if ready to fall into the ocean" 

 So here we are, with the evergreen tree leaning and stretching out, and our palms stretching out  to catch the falls (we are like 2 kids, No? all right, 2 old kids)

View of the ocean.

 Great place to relax , the impressive waterfall was already quite impressive itself and if you feel up to it, you can get directly under the waterfall where there are rocks and you can even wade into the water.

 Ahjumas selling sashimi of octopus,abalone and they can even shuck fresh systers for you.
Last view of the majestic falls before we left for Yakcheonsa Temple.

Address: Donghong-dongSeogwipo, Jeju Island, South Korea

Yakcheonsa temple, Jeju 약천사(제주

 We managed to squeeze in another visit of a temple before we went for dinner and back to hotel.
This is the Yakcheonsa Temple and we were glad to be able to catch it as it was simply magnificent, given the fact that it was built all those years ago.

 Look at the wonderful phone camera simply could not get the whole structure in.
 I have been to lots of temples in Thailand, Kelantan, Penang, etc and the temples were already impressive, but this one in Korea was a testament unto itself. Great and impressive architecture.
 Step in and you will want to photograph everything, but, the camera does not do justice.
The halls are expansive, the space awesome the columns were huge, and the Buddha statues in recess spaces in the wall were resplendent and detailed. It seems there are 500 different statues of Buddhas here.
 Even the ceiling was decorated!

This will show you a good perspective of the space, I am dwarfed by the enormity of it all, and the fans on the floor look like toys.
 There are steps and a tunnel leading to the sea on the opposite side, the only temple in the world that faces the sea. Massive compound and since it was quite late we had the whole temple to ourselves.

You really need to visit this temple to experience the beauty of the place.

Location of the place: Seogwipo, Jeju, South Korea

Address: 293-28 leodo-ro, Daepo-dong.