Thursday, March 29, 2012

TopshopTopman Catwalk Preview 29 March 2012

This boy wore a mock fur stole, matching hairstyle/colour, and ridiculously high platform shoes ala Lady

It was a wonder he could still walk.

He was sitting right opposite us with his friends

lovely orange super high heels which matched her dress
show started, and showed hunks in casual clothes and lanky girls in fun play clothes

the girl MC was Fay

cute shoes with tiny feet
How she could ramrod straight on the uncomfortable chair, I don't know.
I think the hooded girl is the fashion blogger KKblue f...y : read her post here

Received a couple of invites to a this catwalk, I do not wear this brand, but my son, daughter, niece and nephew do....

Zebra Square, an event venue spread over 2 acres (0.8ha) that span the lush green space behind Kuala Lumpur’s venerable Royal Selangor Golf Club.
The whole area is serenely green, with lots of big, old trees, and the site also backs on to the club’s greens. In fact, architect Adrian Liew K.W. says they made it a point to retain at least 70% of the existing greenery; what was mostly cleared off the piece of long-abandoned land were shrubs and undergrowth. The site sits besides Jalan Kampung Pandan and is part of a row of prestigious restaurants that line the street just after the famous Kampung Pandan roundabout.

Door gifts

Outside, at the Zebra Square before the doors were open

Mirror Mirror Movie Preview.

Lily Collins looked stunning in the movie as snow White.

“Mirror Mirror” stars Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer and Nathan Lane. Are you planning on seeing the movie when it arrives in theaters on March 30, 2012?

Ooooooh, I have already seen it! Last night....29 March 2012 before it arrives!!!!

Actress Lily Collins attended the premiere of her new movie “Mirror Mirror” in Hollywood, California on March 17, 2012 looking like a princess! The premiere was held at The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and Lily’s dress definitely looked like something her character, Snow White, would wear in the film

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The War

These two award-winning photos are the most famous pictures ever taken in photo journalism.
They tell in a thousand words the atrocities of a war that changed the world forever.

the grimace frozen before his brains are blown off, shot at point blank at close range

One morning, when we were teenagers, we opened the newspapers and saw this picture.
Words cannot describe the thoughts that ran through our mind.
Words cannot describe the horror that they ran from.
Words cannot describe how the world can ever run away from the reality of chemical warfare.

(I have bought another Google account to continue posting on my blog, and in this account, I can only post one picture at a time, unlike my previous one where I can upload multiple pics at one I am a bit slow, pls bear with me!!!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

War Remnants Museum

No Trip to Vietnam is complete without a visit
to the War Remnants Museum:
a unique place to showcase the horrors of
a meaningless war that other people wage on your
own backyard.
a war that lasted a ridiculous 17 years!

Many photos have become iconic:
they define the war.

Not a piece of art or collage
but a real, grim tribute to the
matyrs of war.

He looks so hot and hunky.
I thought he was Josh Hartnet or Ben Affleck
from the movie "Pearl Harbour"
but, NO! he is a real soldier in a real war setting.
I hope he gets to walk out of this untraumatised, and ALIVE.
Lots of grim faced visitors to this place.
No one laughs or giggles.
Stark reality of POWs
shackled at the neck.
Mao Ze Dong visits in 1972

(I have run out of photo space!!!! I will try to circumvent this
problem and scout around for some gigabytes)
C ya!

Lacquer Factory, Vietnam Market and Streets of Saigon

After the War Remnants Museum, we were taken to
the Lacquer Factory, one of Vietnamese 

this is the factory

a boy outside gave us a short briefing:
lacquer with mother of pearl, eggshells and marble inlay

 then we walked around the production area

 and the viewing gallery...all items are for sale
 vases of all shapes and sizes
 even lacquer tables and cupboard
 lacquer plates and collectibles

 lacquer paintings

 beautifully elaborate wall hanging (with mother of pearl inlay)

sold at the market for a fraction of the price:
lacquer chopsticks in boxes
 after the factory visit we were brought to the market
 passing by busy streets
 amidst the busy hustle and bustle, locals grab a bowl of mee
 can you see the hawkers by the roadside, while the busy traffic just whizzed past them?
in between I could a street vendor 
 waiting for customers
 and street fruit sellers

  we have reached the market
 lots of trinkets for sale
 and tit bits too
 vietnamese fashion

 there was nothing for us to buy, so we went out for a drink
roadside drink sellers were a-plenty

 Saigon beer

 waiting outside the ladies'
 more street vendors

 tutti frutti in Vietnam!
 how the market looks like

 we sat here for a drink
 very well stocked with lots of fruits
 and coconuts

 the fresh market

 we also sat outside the streets for more young coconut drinks
 we look lost among the motorbikes
 killing time before dinner
 then the van fetched us for our dinner
 at  Ca DA (I think, I can't make out the words!)
please see next post for details of our dinner here!