Friday, December 31, 2010

Singapore Kids

My Singapore "grands" (grand nieces and nephew) are the most well behaved, disciplined and well mannered kids you have ever seen.

Never straying far from daddy's eyes, but free to roam and explore.
Something catches her eye and she stops to stare.

She doesn't grab or touch or mutilate goods.

Nor does she hanker to buy or throw a fit if she is denied the purchase.

Then piggy rides her dad!
Little Z, too loves the Xmas goodies.
But he does not insist you get them for him.
Lots of jelly beans!
Kids nowadays are electronically inclined

Gadgets and gizmos
keep them engrossed and deft with fingers, quick of brain and perfectly well coordinated.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort Wedding 29.12.10

On the night of 26 December 2010 we attended the wedding of Dr. Leong's daughter, also a doctor who married a, Doctor!

click to enlarge unresized picture
Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club is right near our house but we have not ventured inside until now. There was a jam because football between Malaysia and Indonesia was playing that night.
my outfit: dress from Eclipse, shoes from Vincci (but I did not wear these!) bag from Stuart Weitzman, hair by Miko
camwhoring in the bathroom of the resort
Father of the bride, my husband's classmate
Mother of the bride
Dr Leong and his classmates, who are all....doctors lor.
We are not WAGS, we are WODs (wives of Doctors)!
The MBS table, because Dr Leong was an MBS boy.
Dr Gan , his wife and daughter Adeline, family of Richard and Alex Gan
Newly weds make a grand entrance

Dr Liew's wife made us pose and take a lot of pictures
See, and she is very particular, always striving for the perfect shot.

More poses!

Then, she made all the wives pose with their husbands!

Dr Liew and wife.

Dr ? and wife

Dr Loo and wife

Dr Gan and wife

Dr ? and wife

Dr Tay and wife
But. we enjoyed ourselves tremendously!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Dinner 27 Dec 2010

Jan always has the best themed dinners. I missed her thanksgiving dinner as I was away in Hong Kong on 26 November, but I was able to go for her Christmas dinner.

This year she sprouted reindeer horns!
She spares nothing for her Christmas decor

buffet on her front porch

I was too busy helping myself when she said,"MK!!! my official photographer! Take pictures of the food before they're all gone!"
ha ha ha!! So here they are: pictures of the food!
I don't know what is what! Jan was too busy entertaining her guests.

April Ong, my classmate.

The dessert table!

Groaning with goodies

Here at Jan's I can always catch up with Gunther and Sharon

Sharon and Ollie
Ollie has grown up and aspires to be a neuro surgeon
He has become very articulate and passionate about being a doctor.

The next time we meet, he will be Dr. Oliver, qualified surgeon from Dalian Medical University.