Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seafood Village at Malacca Portuguese Settlement/Joan and El' Chico's

We checked out of Casablanca
and used the Waze to get to the Portuguese Settlement, Malacca
  1. Map of portuguese settlement melaka
  2. Portuguese Settlement, Malacca
  3. The Portuguese Settlement is a Kristang community in Ujong Pasir, five km from Malacca City, Malaysia. Wikipedia
  4. AddressPerkampungan Portugis, 75050 Melaka

The Waze that got us there!!!! It was quite a drive to Ujong Pasir!

But we had heard so much of the Portuguese Seafood so we wanted to try some!

Welcome to the Portuguese Settlement
"In 1933, 11 hectares of land at Malacca were purchased with the purpose of creating a haven for scattered Kristang and their culture. The swampy land was cleared and 10 wooden houses with earth floors and attap roofs were built. Saint John's village, as that simple fishing village was originally known, soon attracted additional Kristang from all over Malaysia, and grew to become one of Malacca's main tourist attractions"

There is a school called Canossa Convent right opposite

and a Catholic shrine of Madonna and Child
on the huge carpark leading to the stalls fronting the Straits of Malacca
Huge posters showing folks in tradtional Portuguese costumes told us we came to the right place
There is a beautiful hotel here called Lisbon Hotel
but it now houses the Lim Kok Wing University in Tourism

Melaka University of Trourism
Enjoy the view of the Straits of Malacca from inswide our campus!
wow!!! nice view, right?
On a clear day like this, you can see as far as the horizon take you
Sorry, our DSLR was loaned to our daughter for her Brats programme so I used my Iphone 4
my iphone 4 is not so sharp and good now right?
Still waiting for iphone 6 which is not out in Malaysia yet.
camwhoring with Samsung Galaxy S 3

even took selfies

then we went to the complex for our famous seafood
 IKAN BAKAR lunch! 
 This is Joan, she is a Portuguese? Kristang?
 "The Kristang are a Malaysian ethnic group with mixed Portuguese and Malay and for some possibly Indian or Chinese ancestry, which arose during the Portuguese colonial period (16th to 17th century)."
she manages the Restoran Joan and El'Chico's and is one of the stalls that open for lunch..

Joan from "Joan and Chico"

Joan was busy getting her seafood ready



gigantic crabs

we ordered fish for the two of us
Basically it is wrapped in foil and burnt over an open fire,
when you open the foil, the fish tasted like steamed fish:
soft, white and succulent flesh piqued with sauce of blended spices


see? all done justice to!!

their extensive menu
we also ordered crab to go 
RM54.00 for 2 servings
for that price we got this!!
Value for money!!

after our satisfying lunch, we went to the Portuguese Heritage Museum which was sadly, closed
No Portuguese culture for me to soak it, except some lame posing 

Historical Artefacts of the Malacca Portuguese Settlement
that I could only peer at
the arch and facade that you can see when you enter the settlement
I hope you will come here to see this place for yourself

My son says come during christmas then you can see 
the whole settlement 
gaily decorated in the Christmas spirit
For now, hubby says, "well, I am happy I managed to come to the Portuguese Settlement!!"

HMMM...the story does not end there!
Back home, we enjoyed our chili crabs!
only RM54, less than 60 ringgit per kg!

see, how good the meal is!

Gigantic claws!!! wonderful sauce with a hint of sambal! 
spicy and hot!!!
A close up for you to drool and salivate on!


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