Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fireflies at Kuala Selangor

After our sumptuous dinner we were ready for our firefly tour, and got to this ticket counter manned by the authorities so this meant the "resort" is opened to the public.  Previously the ones that we went were owned by private resorts.

 After buying our tickets we queued to go in, the night was cool, and the q tolerable so it was quite a pleasant wait.

 This is our ticket: RM53 for a boat of maximum 4 persons, and we got 2 tickets.
 Fireflies at Kampung Kuantan,, English, spelling, and grammar was very good, unlike the previous resort which had lots of errors, so this is international and tourist-friendly, I suppose.

 Soon, we were all garbed in life jackets, ready for the ride.

 shhhhh.....fireflies,,,.can you see them? hahaha!!!! those dots are the fireflies, I suppose!
 This boatman took us really close to the bushes where the fireflies were, and Laeti was able to cup some in her hand, and the boatman caught some for her too!
 back already? sorry no flash allowed, so pic is shaky!!!

Visiting the souvenir shop.....oughta get a fridge magnet to add to my collection, but did not get any. "so regret!!!" hehe!!!

Pleas go see the fireflies before they go extinct.  It will be an experience of a lifetime, I have done it about 6 times!!!

River View Restaurant Kuala Selangor

Before our boat ride to see the fireflies, we had a yummilicious dinner at River View Seafood Restaurant.
This is not to be confused with another RiverView restaurant in Kuala Lumpur: 

 There were many restaurants such as this jetty one but somehow we chose Riverview because of this?:----
 The gigantic crab replica at the front of the shop?

 If we had been here earlier, we could have gone for "Eagle Feeding" and  visit the "100 year old fishing village" but nevermind, at least we were going for the "Fireflies" after dinner.

 100 year old fishing village
 This is the menu, with a gigantic picture of cooked crabs and a plate of mantou.
 What we ordered:Mixed vegetables with salted egg

 mantou of chinese bread
 crabs with salted egg gravy

 Butter prawns

 La la soup 

 salted egg yolk crabs

 crsipy baby octopus

 golden aroma crab

 or chien omelette: we did not like this as we are used to the wet, slimy and gooey starch version
 Tripod photo with timer.

 It was still early, and we waited for the sun to set to take another picture...later.

 so nice having dinner at the jetty with the sunset as a backdrop!
 As we were eating, we say boat loads of passengers being ferried to Jetty restaurant for dinner. It must have been part of a Firefly tour with dinner provided. Nice!!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Twins' Full Moon Party

This is the real traditional Chinese Full Moon party for infants who have reached the full one month and is quite a big event for the Chinese. Some have a small celebration at home with a grand meal, prayers and ang pows.  Some have it in a restaurant with relatives and friends.  On 10th January 2016 I attended my ex-colleague's party and she just had twin girls!! Her two eldest are already 9 and 6.

 Held at Imperial City, Cheras where I have been many times before.
Here are the adorable twins, born at 7 months.
 My other colleagues, Teo and a new teacher (did not get her name!)

Food was quite grand...8 course banquet
duck with piglet combo


 The new mother and those of us who could make it today
 cake cutting ceremony

 cute cake with cute babies!
loving dad
 Of course, we had to cuddle the twins!
 Gabrielle or is it Gladys? Hahaha
I bet even the mum herself can't tell them apart...YET!!