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14 things to do in Sekinchan

We came back from Ko Samui on the 7th of January 2016 and rested on 8th,  On 9th, we got my husband to drive us to Sekinchan because Carol's friend from Batu Pahat goes all the way there with her family to have seafood and bum around.  My daughter's friends have ALL been there and taken photos with padi fields as backdrop, so not wanting to be left out, she jumped at the chance to take a day trip to Sekinchan. Her 3 cousins, are keen too, as they are still in holiday mode, but their Dad, David, opted out as sightseeing is not his thing, he wanted to sleep in to be refreshed to  drive them to Johor Bahru the next day.

We are nearing Sekinchan,  Good husband slows down his car so that I can get a good shot of this iconic sign....yay!!!! Sekinchan, here we come!!!
Now, while googling the place, I came across this piece, "10 things to do in Sekinchan," so, I came up with my own list!

10 things to do in Sekinchan 
by Puan Tay
(hehe..haven't been called Puan Tay for a long time!)

1. Jump into one of the many hammocks!
 There are so many hammocks of all shapes and sizes so we simply dive into anyone.
 This is a hammock made for two as you can see the demarcation plank at Ely's feet.
 Laeti found her own to stretch her lanky legs.  We don't know why there are so many hammocks here  but we figure the fishermen built them here so that they can rest between catch instead of going home to wait for the fish to bite.

 So, you can see all of us lazily swinging on hammocks! It is a weekday and there are only a few people around, so we can occupy as many as we like!

 No. 2 Make a wish on the wish tree.
 Because of the temple nearby the wish tree is especially enticing with its shady arbour and many trunks and of course the numerous red strings of wishes.  So many people so many wishes, so I hope so much wishes have been granted! Ely got her wish! hehe
 You can see from fb and Instgram that this tree is a great place for Kodak moments.
 So No.2a will be: taking photo at the wish tree.

 Offer prayers at the temple, make a donation and write your wish.
 Praying with joss sticks. Putting  money in the kitty.
 Strands of ribbons tied with washers at both ends are hung for you to take one and write your wishes.
 Never mind if you can't write Chinese, god is omniscient  right? he can read your wishes.

 Hahaha!!! we all got one each! Ely wished to get her retainers, Ryan wished for a girlfriend, Jenn wished for a boyfriend, Laeti wished for a pug, Carol wished for a maid at her beck and call, I wished for daughter in law and son in law and many many grandchildren, heheheheh!!!!!!! No lah, wishes are supposed to be secret, so I do not know what they wished for!

 Reading others' wishes!
 No. 3 Souvenir Shopping.
 fridge magnets, keychains, etc etc.....souvenirs to clutter your home or to remind you "I have been here"
 No. 3. Go on aHovercraft.
 Well not exactly a hovercraft or Segway but this is actually a safer and tamer version.

 RM20 for 20 minutes, and we all shared.

 Even Dad had a go!
 Carol too!
 But it was not as easy as it looks!

 No. 4. Refresh yourself with coconut drinks.
 The Aussie kids are crazy about coconut drinks and why not? Rich in trace minerals, cheap, thirst quenching and good in replacing lost electrolytes after you have sweated  buckets. 
 Innovative hand washing tubs made from paint containers.
No.6. Chill out in the Tree Houses and swings 
 There are so many tree houses and this is the biggest!. The kids wished they have one at home, even I do!

  Relive your childhood on swings 

 swings made from planks, tyres, many! and so sturdy!

 No. 7. Make Gigantic Bubbles on the beach.

Go to this stall and ask the auntie for bubbles. She will bring out her bubble kit to rent it to you 
 Here she gave a demo on how it is done

 Now Ely is making rows of gigantic bubbles! How fine they look as they float into the azure skies!

 The little boy joins in with his bubble gun! So cute!!!

 Special soap liquid that produces wonderful bubbles!!!!

No. 8 Take a photo with the Sekinchan sign and the Wish tree.

 This is a must, ya, we found this sign only as we drove off, and Papa had already folded and packed away his tripod, so this pic is minus him!!!

 No 9. Visit the Jetty and Fishing boats.
 Fishing is a livelihood here and seafood restaurants do a roaring business with day trippers purposely driving all the way from Kuala Lumpur for seafood lunch or dinner.

 There are some resorts and homestays here too.

 10. Break for sustenance: Lunch
There are a lot of seafood restaurants all along the main road. We chose an air conditioned one because we felt too hot and sweaty and wished only for a simple noodle lunch to save our tummies for a sumptuous seafood dinner.
 11. Buy your stock of ikan bilis, salted fish, keropok at 168 Outlet

 12. Visit Sekinchan Paddy Factory

 After buying tickets, we are ready for the presentation

 milling factory
 produce ready for the market
 Visiting the interactive gallery
 3 D photos for you to have fun

 using a straw fan to coax the firewood alive

 2 kampong damsels getting kopi o for tea.


 No. 13. Jump among the padi fields!
 We came at the wrong season, the padi is harvested and there is no sea of green padi.
(Should be like this!!)
 But what the heck!!! We still posed for photos anyway! The sky was blue, the vast expanse was, well. barren and brown!

 Three siblings jump for joy! Next summer they will be young adults. Every kid should have a summer they can look back on!!!

 with their cousins,  Next summer, they will be in university, or college or high school but for now they are among the padi fields!!!!

 No 14. Lastly, you MUST look for the fruits and mangoes as long as your arm!

 Long mangoes!  Palmsize 

 As long as your arm!

There you go, I have surpassed myself.  Instead of 10 things to do, I have 14, hahahah!!!

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