Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flowers at Luna

Loved the flower arrangement at each table, all made from fresh flowers and each table had a different design. Which is your favourite?

Goodie Bags

Below are the goodie bags and door gifts that I got from the Mother-Daughter Event at Luna, Pacific Regency Hotel.

From the sponsors: Essie Nail, Laura Mercier Makeup,  Haircare,

Laurier Mercier Primer, Lip Gloss and Product/makeover Vouchers

Essie Nail enamel, Hand cream and Essie Top coat
Sebastian shampoo and conditioner
My lucky draw prize: complete set of top coat, base coat, lip gloss and nail products from Nail Tek

vouchers from the Hotel, the RM100 was a lucky draw prize, wish I got the hotel stay!
for mani and pedi at leisure mall
that very night, she used it! complete with base coat and top coat!
diligently applying the before, during and after nail products!
What a daughter is for: giving Mummy a pedicure!

Nice Toe nail colour!!!! Thank god for daughters!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Feel Good Chick Flick

I may be late viewing this movie, but it was shown last night on HBO and my family made it a point to catch it as a family affair.  Amanda, the lead was deliciously pretty with her cute figure, and her love interest, well, he was quite a hunk too.
The ending was a bit like soppy Chinese soap operas, but WTH , it was a FEEL GOOD Chick Lit Flick!

Christopher Egan and Amanda

Franco Nero as Lorenzo, and Vanessa Redgrave as Lorenzo's love when they were 15 years old

I may sound old, but Franco Nero and Vanessa Redgrave are no strangers to me.  I have read up a lot about them in the monthly movie magazines I bought: MOVIE NEWS, and though I did not manage to catch their movies, (my hometown was very small and many movies did not make their run there, and it was not the age of internet yet) I knew all about them!

"Franco Nero (born 23 November 1941) is an Italian actor known for movies such as 'Django' and 'Camelot. He married actress Vanessa Redgrave in 2006."

Franco Nero was quite a heart breaker in his younger days

Vanessa was HOT too!

But one thing is sure: the setting of the movie Verona is now a must-go on our holdiay list!!!!!

 Juliet's Balcony!
Cobbled and paved courtyard where youngsters "lepakked"!

And the car used in the movie to look for Lorenzo?  A black LANCIA DELTA!

Teacher's Day Trinkets

Every year we get little trinkets from students....expensive individual gifts are frowned upon and not encouraged. 
Wooden apple A+Teacher calendar cube
minature porcelain cuppucino cups
Miss Teoh gave me hers so I can have a romantic cafe au lait tete a tete with my husband
from the PRS

sweets and chocolates
from the staff club

rose topped mengkuang woven mini baskets
glow in the dark his and hers glass chipped rose or star.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun and Games for Teachers..27 May 2011

On Teacher's Day, aside from the performances by the students for teachers, there are also fun and games for teachers.  Here are two of them (the others like Telematch, Maharaja Gigi or King of Teeth aka Sugar cane Eating,) were too hot and sweaty an affair for me to take photos!)

Teachers busy at their flower arrangement competition

Men teachers also took part

My partner, Chong
She even brought her own make-up set for this!
Our model....before
Our model...after

Green Girl
Banana Girl
Our Orange Girl

Winning is not important...taking part was