Monday, June 22, 2009

BeBe's Kitchen-Father's Day 2009

After our successful Mother's Day outing, we had to go for Father's day Do too....I had booked Royale Bintang and MayTower but the latter's menu seemed too lousy, cancelled that. I forgot Royale, and called Capitol so, we ended up at Bebe's!!!! Ha ha...old age already, short term memory bad, very bad!
Anyway, we had a very lovely time, enjoyed the embiance (spelling?)and food....
Son was picked for cooking comp, got 3rd (LAST!!) and won a voucher for two for Hi tea at, Bebe's Kitchen! His bullseye egg was "SPLAT" egg, all splat and broken.
Also got two Capitol mugs as souvenirs, one blue and one red.
Then went to Low Yat to get some cartridges, and blur Hubby did not even know Capitol Hotel existed right opposite Low Yat!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng Voucher or RM3.50 meal

While browsing at Pavilion, I obtained a voucher for Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, a Hong Kong restuarant (that I have not heard off before!!!..but when I saw the branches, they were all over, even Leisure Mall and Batu Pahat).

I thought I would not get anything much, but..surprise!! prices were very reasonable, in fact, cheap!

Supposed to be set up by this Hongkie actor Kwok Chun On...I liked his acting though.

While waiting for my order, I snapped this pic of my table no.

The decor

Young Chinese lunch crowd

Eh, I felt oo liau, sitting all alone.

Guess what? My drink...I love my drinks hot!

Hot almond drink with egg! for 4.50

I am so stupid! I drooled over the picture of creamy seafood chinese spaghetti but pointed to this very ordinary fried noodle!! Did not even realise that it was different (wondered why it looked so black saucy instead of white cheesy) until I checked the menu again while eating.
Anyway, my meal cost RM13 something, so with the voucher, this is my cheapest lunch..only 3.50 ringgit!!! But I was too shy to pick up the coins and one ringgit notes so my lunch came to RM5.oo......sob!.....but, still cheap what.

I redeemed my free vouchers from this girl, she is an MBS ex-girl!!! I don't teach her so I don't know her, but she was from U6M.
BTW, I shopped again and returned to her booth to redeem another voucher. Jonathan, wanna join me?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 chocolate...Theobroma

Used up my June voucher for Theobroma chocolate Lounge and this is what I got....super yummy!!! Just look at that swirl of choc dusting and white whatever.......
I ordered the sandwich to go with my hot chocolate...feeling very cheapskate and pointed at the sandwich advertised: only RM6.90!!!!

So pleased with my 6.90 5 per cent taxes some more!!!

Cheese and ham or something like that with generous helping of salad..

Look at the cute cup, I would have bought one if it was on sale.
Verdict: Cheapest lunch at Bangsar Village 2!! I have one more voucher for the month of July...shall I try the ice-blended???