Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Seongeup Korean Folk Village 한국민속촌


I got the above characters from the internet...
"Korean Folk Village"

We drove to the Korean Folk Village and immersed ourselves in the surroundings of a village that is supposed to be an authentic site of an ancient and well preserved Korean kampung. It has a wonderful collection of cultural artefacts and promotes Korean traditional culture.

Some of the houses are so well preserved I imagine myself being a Korean lass reliving centuries old history and unique local flavours from a different time and place.

Among the replicas available here are a nobleman's house, artisan workshops, farmer's house, seodang or village school, farming village, village street, shops and stalls, all showcasing realistic and actual features of Korean customary living long ago. 

It has more than 269 traditional houses some containing fascinating relics from the Joseon Dynasty which ruled Korea for more than 500 years.  There are an assortment of residential buildings, and workshops which depict customs and trades (blacksmith, bamboo craft, pottery, cotton looms etc) preserved by the local people.

For example there is full set of clothes of a bygone era preserved for us to view.

Quaint houses with low thatched roof.

Uses rocks as garden decor and footpaths.

This must be a pottery workshop or maybe wine factory.

Interior roofing and clever ceiling eaves fascinated him!

Many period dramas are filmed here as it readily provides a traditional setting with real props.
Well preserved stone grinding implement reminds me of my father in law's tau fu fah making machine!

This stone statue is the icon of Jeju Island
I always see this type of buildings in Korean dramas! Now I am sitting on one!
More costumes of traditional times

I can't imagine how a solid door with inhibitive rocks can protect the entrance to this house, but it does!

If you have time you can learn the tricks of the Omegi Wine Artisan.

Me, I wish my childhood was in one of these idyllic farm houses with the cool clime thrown in.
And a garden of profuse blooms.
Another huge grinding apparatus that seems to dwarf me...Koreans are fond of grinding grains into nourishing drinks that replenish the body!
And so, we spent the whole afternoon wandering the streets and there were very few other tourists around that day so I could pose for photos and walk into all of the cute little houses!
However we did not catch any performances or dances.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sangumburi Crater in Jeju Island, (산굼부리)

We needed to cover as many places as possible in Jeju Island, so we rushed to Sangumburi Crater, designated as a "Natural Monument" and the filming site of 2 dramas "Love Wind, Love Song" and "Goddess of Marriage" both of which, alas, I have not seen!
Entrance is 6,000 won for this natural attraction,

It is a beautiful crater which according to the pamphlets look like a man made stadium from the top.

Saw this girl perched on the ledge of a building made of crater rocks.
With strange sculpture too, made of mud from the crater.

And so we started out climb up the was pleasant, as it was autumn and the Eulalia flowers on the slope are supposed to turn it into a golden brown field.
This is a map showing the crater which measures about 650 meters wide, 100 meters deep amnd 2,070 meters in circumference (I got that info from "Imagine Korea" website)

We stopped every so often to admire the scenery and enjoy the nippy autumn air.

The hike is not so difficult as there are lots of huts and rest stops for you to rest and continue at your own pace.
Lots of other tourists are also making the trek round the crater too.

Beautiful scenery which you can get only in Autumn

This must be the highlight of our walking trip here....Since it is autumn there is a sea of pampas grass swaying in the breeze on the slopes of this volcanic crater

We are going to walk up a little to get an amazing view of Halla Mountain and take some great photos

Yes! we have reached the top!!!
It is really a relaxing ascent and what an exhilarated feel when we reached the top!!!

Now we begin our descent!

There is a variety of plant-life on the crater.  According to the leaflet, on the north side, Nandaeseong vegetation such as red-thorn tree, magnolia trees along with rare winter strawberries. On the south side of the crater, Ondaerim vegetation such as evegreens, maple cover the area. and beacuse madny different kinds of trees and plants grow in such a limited space, it attracts the attention of researchers.

Sangumburi Crater is indeed one of the highlights of our trip in Jeju island.  The view and scenery is breathtaking.  The hike to the top is easy as there are paved walkways and we get to take as many pictures as we like along the way as we are not in a group tour.

These Korean girls are always asking me to take pictures of their back! It must be trending for them!

A final picture of me among the grass!!!!
I got lots of lovely scenes with reed plants called eoksae (flamegrass) swaying in the background. It is touted to be a special wonder of nature!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jeju Love Land (제주러브랜드)a

Oh Dear!!! I have NOT BLOGGED for such a long time!!!!

Been so busy since I came back with all my other events and also my clearing up of my stuff (spring cleaning) and also the preparation for THE BIG DAY!!!! hehe... Anyway, here's a start:

Jeju Love Land !

On our very first night, after our connecting flight to Jeju Island, we managed to drive ourselves to Loveland park as it closes at 9, and we scheduled that as our last visit for the night. 
Oops...sorry for the selfie stick showing!!!  Well, here we are at the entrance to Jeju Love Land, we are happy as we could catch it at night, because if we are in a tour group, it would not be on the itinerary even. 

Gosh, a blatantly phallic symbol for the entrance!
More balls and......!!!! At the risk of sounding either clinical or pornographic, I let the pictures do the talking.  After a while, though, you will get used to all the so called graphic, suggestive, lewd, erotic and etc etc sculptures and statues.  
Upright buttocks but top half of body is missing.  Maybe it is meant to be a chair, so he sat on it.
Doesn't seem very comfortable, right?
He is examining it, but then, he is now a retired doctor liao.

This statue is huge and is arched, defying gravity, in the throes of passion
Just to show you how huge it is.

some statues are grotesque with exaggerated parts
and contorted into weird positions.

Ugly, lifelike woman with thin guy 

See what I mean? fat and ugly woman, maybe they want it to be more realistic, not everybody has model girl looks or figure.

This is the entrance to the indoor museum

Don't ask me what all these are for or what they are...because I don't know!

Some are like torture implements!

The diorama below is entitled "A break in the afternoon" hahaha!!!
What a break!
Secret Garden in Spring!

This family all sleep in one room, and there is no privacy! esp the parents!

Meanwhile, back at the outdoor park..
Even the toilet signs and door knobs are explicit.

And, the way out......
Most interesting Love Land!