Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boxing Day Tea at Jan's

I love going to Jan's functions because her parties always have a theme be it Halloween, or Thanksgiving, and she is always dressed according to the mood of the occasion.

Here she is: dressed in Xmas red complete with Santarina cap 

Wee Hong is my primary school classmate 
 Classmates till Jan "jumped" class 
 Barry, Jan's better half
 main christmas fare at the patio


 even the bathroom is dressed up!



 She said: coffee, tea or mee siam...but it turned out to be full dinner and high tea with catered food, plus  turkey and lamb!
and  about 3 or 4 waiters in attendance! 

 at least 3 types of cupcakes



 always, there's cheese and crackers
and nuts....Sek Ming is cracking Brazilian nuts for Jenn 
She took home some cupcakes for her dad! He is working on Boxing Day!

'English' Christmas Dinner with Kinrara Neighbour

Next door neighbour invited us for dinner at his place. "simple dinner" he said...but it turned out to be an elaborate "english" style christmas dinner!

At the living room of my neighbour, the Lohs
Everything was done up with a Christmassy feel....
So different from our house, this has a "English theme"
the rooms have the minimum of renovation, keeping to the original plan, but they have done up all the nooks and crannies nicely, like this one

Best turkey I have ever tasted...succulent, soft and yummy!
No wonder! It was personally cooked by Loh, an ex-MBS boy who studied in Belfast for 5 years...where he learnt to cook turkey!

A master carver too! His wife said he skipped church that morning....when pastor asked 'where's your husband?' she said.."he's basting the bird!"

Angeline, mother of Loh's wife....look at the food...leg of ham, broccoli soup, chicken pies, garlic bread, stuffing of turkey with chestnuts and apricot.....
Lemon cheese cake
apple crumble pie for dessert
salad and broccoli soup!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Night Movie after the dinner : Avatar

After the sumptious Christmas dinner at the Lohs, we rushed to the nearest cinema, I0I Mall to catch Avatar....judging from the reviews, I should have taken the trouble to buy 3D tickets instead, (available at Gardens Signature and Berjaya Times Square). 

Read this: "...watching this flick with the special 3D glasses on makes you truly feel as if you're immersed in the alien world of Pandora. Dust seems to fall all around you, Pandora's fluorescent flora pops with vivid colours and you feel as if you're walking...on another planet.....", but still we had no regrets.

Look all these wonderful posters and pictures that I have downloaded and uploaded here.  I shall put all of them up collection!
If you have a net book or laptop, these won't do justice to the pictures, you must view them on a 21 inch or 19 inch monitor screen!

This is part of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington)'s Avatar face

and Zoe's Na'vi face!

Zoe Saldana as the heroine (can't remember and can't spell her name lah!)

oooh....I love this picture, don't you?

and this!

this looks like a 3D diorama

Sam looking at the "embryos"

James Cameron the awesome director

er...who ah? hemsem though...

Michelle Rodriquez

I am born

naked and running free

in tune with nature

loveable monsters


got time to fall in love somemore!

my favourite villain : Stephen Lang, I love his scarred face and neat!

beautiful or not?

agility and fragility but not frigidity

We all know Sigourney Weaver from her "Alien" days

you mean our tree is sitting on a precious ore mine?

Some how this story reminds me of the Kampung Pala incident in our very own Malaysia..bulldozed into oblivion, and my daughter's school, or schools: St Mary, and BBGS..bulldozed into the Pavillion.