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Japan: Nanda Crab buffet in Sapporo THE BEST!!!!

  1. freshfish at Nanda - The Best of Sapporo Japan

    Nanda has one of the best seafood buffets in Sapporo with lot's of fresh crab and freshfish. The cost is 3480 yen per person for 90 minutes.

In Sapporo we were reccommended this restaurant: NANDA Crab Buffet
 Looking for it was a nightmare!!!
 It was wet and cold and we did not know where to go...
 we passed many shops
 and crossed many streets
 we asked many people but none of them had heard of Nanda

 We walked round in circles

and came back to the same place!
 This Japanese girl is so helpful although she does not know what Nanda is
 Actually, it was not her fault, the landmark Novotel Hotel had changed its name to Renaissance and we were told it was next to Lawson, but Lawson is EVERYWHERE, on all street corners!!!
 we really do not know where else to go!!
 We are lost again!

 So glad to find Lawson, but look round the corner, there is another Lawson
 THEN, Vincent saw the small sign (in Mandarin!) Nanda!
(out of sheer desperation, he saw it!) 
Basement 2 F!!!!!!
 Address: South 5, West 2, Cyber City building, Basement 2
Telephone: 011-532-7887
Opening times: 16:00〜22:30
Reservations are required for large groups. Restaurant seats 226 people.
 We were so glad, so hungry and so happy we dashed to Basement 2 F!!!!!

so we reached Nanda!!!

waaa!!!!!! crab craws!!!! so gigantic!!!!
heheheh hahaha!!!!!!

 we piled the crab claws on our plate with a vengeance!!!
 we also took a hairy crab EACH!!!!
 President bought us a gigantic Sake bottle
 scallops and shellfish galore...
 we could not help grinning!
 D with her array of crabs
 Steve knows just what to select
 he enjoyed himself! just loved his crabs!

 what the interior looks like...the earlier batch has left because there is a time limit of 90 minutes
 the drink selection is extensive! hot and cold drinks, latte, cuppucino, espresso, all sorts of juices, sparkling drinks soft drinks......all at the push of a button
 all sorts of meat also available...
 live crabs too

 to save time, we take the boiled crabs, ready to eat!!!

 snails, or escargots too
 He is picking the choicest and most expensive stuff first
 hairy crab of course!!!!
 see????? wow!!! now to enjoy!!!
 She is choosing stuff for grilling
 boiled prawns

so excited, so spoiled for choice!!!

 still got time for photos!!!
 shell fish, bi valves
 cooked food, garlic rice, nuggets
 steamed food, fried food
 kim chee, pickles, eggs, spicy vegetables
 cold shoba noodles, sauces, miso soup
 condiments for miso soup
 all sorts of soya sauce and gravy

 dessert and sweets
 marbled meat
 endless display of slivered meat
 belly pork
 sausages and frankfurters too
 all sorts of vegetables for grilling
 more sushi!!!
 tempura prawns
 tempura vegetables
 miso soup
 venison curry

 papa grilling crab claws
 Father and daughter having a blast
 all seafood only!!! 3480 yen is so cheap!!!
She is clever, she  chose seafood only!!!

 so nice! so happy!
 this alone is worth the 3000 yen

and this!!!

giant bottle of sake shared but still not finished!!!
He shows how to eat oysters
 slurp, suck, swallow, enjoy!!!!
 use the scissors, pick and fork provided to attack the crabs
 the finished shells!

We ate till we got literally chased out!!! hahah!!!
Verdict of the restaurant: good value for money, lots of choices, great dining experience but time was too short!! The drink station was literally swtiched off right on the dot of the expired time!!!

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