Thursday, November 29, 2012

13.11.12 Victoria Station House of Fine Steak

We are now on a mission to try all the old restaurants in KL
before we lose them to the march of time (think Le coq dor:
it has been demolished and I did not get to try the food there!)
I have stayed in KL for close to 30 years but I have not been to
Victoria Station, so that is the first of our old restaurant to hit.
 raised up neon lit sign
 a single story building, probably the relic of an old colonial bungalow, amidst the high rise of Ampang
 you can see it being dwarfed by sky scrapers at the back
 around Victoria Station were other old bungalows converted into restaurants

 taken with iphone
 taken with Nikon
 lots of variety to choose from
 my choice: mixed grill
 Dad's choice

VS Victoria Steak
Grilled Prime Cut Fillet Steak with minced chicken, wild mushroom anv VS brown sauce
served with potato of the day and  choicest farm fresh vegetables.

 daughter's choice
VS Sizzling Steak: RM45.90
A tender Prime Cut Fillet Steak
serve4d on a Sizzling Hotplate
Topped with sizzling Butter and VS Brown Sauce
complemented with potato and a bowl of mixed salad.

 the menu
 crockery with VS insignia
 what to eat?
 old interior
 souped up menu
 lots of verses like this inside

very young waiter gave her salad dressing:
 buns,rolls and butter
 bowl of mixed salad
cream of mushroom soup 
 interior had attempt to look like a station, note the platform No 3

the aforesaid platform, there was also a model of a railway coach...

 my combo: I love it! It had egg, beef, chicken and sausage

  Dad's Victoria Steak

Daughter's sizzling steak

 since it is 13 November, 2012, it is also my birthday dinner!!
 big plate with huge chunks of meat for a puny girl auntie like me

 VS in house chili sauce

Next stop: The Ship!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10.11.12 Hadi's Son's Wedding in the Park

A park is a good venue for a wedding:
Bukit Jalil  Park has sprawling grounds with pine trees, 
casuarina and palm trees to lend shade and give an eco feel

 canopies beneath the firs
 Hadi has a badge button that says: Father of the Groom!!!
 The dress code is blue and white
 colour coded to the theme 
 then I saw the neighbourhood twins
 seeing double!! they have grown!
 identical and mirror image of each other!!! Uncanny!
 flower lined paved walkway
 buffet food
 white roses, blue ribbons
 pristine pure white and romantic
 you have to go to the "Malaysia House" to view the bride and groom
 swathed in white frothy curtains
 walk this way
 VIP table (wedding couple and their relatives lah)
 Hadi's son and his bride (Sikh and Malay heritage)
 His beautiful, slim and svelte daughter
 his glamourous and elegant wife in baby blue
Raja se hari or King/queen for a day:
the happy couple on the pelamin or wedding dais
 me, not in blue
 I love the decor, so out with the poses
 time to bid father of the groom who is also president of the Kinrara community watch group, adieu
 see, tree-lined and shady....good place to hold a wedding, lots of open spaces for rowdy kids
 It rained the night before, monsoon is upon us, so it was real cool, but the lawn was a tad soggy
Bye....we had to walk to where we parked our car...ample parking was available at the recreational park....