Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Seongeup Korean Folk Village 한국민속촌


I got the above characters from the internet...
"Korean Folk Village"

We drove to the Korean Folk Village and immersed ourselves in the surroundings of a village that is supposed to be an authentic site of an ancient and well preserved Korean kampung. It has a wonderful collection of cultural artefacts and promotes Korean traditional culture.

Some of the houses are so well preserved I imagine myself being a Korean lass reliving centuries old history and unique local flavours from a different time and place.

Among the replicas available here are a nobleman's house, artisan workshops, farmer's house, seodang or village school, farming village, village street, shops and stalls, all showcasing realistic and actual features of Korean customary living long ago. 

It has more than 269 traditional houses some containing fascinating relics from the Joseon Dynasty which ruled Korea for more than 500 years.  There are an assortment of residential buildings, and workshops which depict customs and trades (blacksmith, bamboo craft, pottery, cotton looms etc) preserved by the local people.

For example there is full set of clothes of a bygone era preserved for us to view.

Quaint houses with low thatched roof.

Uses rocks as garden decor and footpaths.

This must be a pottery workshop or maybe wine factory.

Interior roofing and clever ceiling eaves fascinated him!

Many period dramas are filmed here as it readily provides a traditional setting with real props.
Well preserved stone grinding implement reminds me of my father in law's tau fu fah making machine!

This stone statue is the icon of Jeju Island
I always see this type of buildings in Korean dramas! Now I am sitting on one!
More costumes of traditional times

I can't imagine how a solid door with inhibitive rocks can protect the entrance to this house, but it does!

If you have time you can learn the tricks of the Omegi Wine Artisan.

Me, I wish my childhood was in one of these idyllic farm houses with the cool clime thrown in.
And a garden of profuse blooms.
Another huge grinding apparatus that seems to dwarf me...Koreans are fond of grinding grains into nourishing drinks that replenish the body!
And so, we spent the whole afternoon wandering the streets and there were very few other tourists around that day so I could pose for photos and walk into all of the cute little houses!
However we did not catch any performances or dances.

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