Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jeju Love Land (제주러브랜드)a

Oh Dear!!! I have NOT BLOGGED for such a long time!!!!

Been so busy since I came back with all my other events and also my clearing up of my stuff (spring cleaning) and also the preparation for THE BIG DAY!!!! hehe... Anyway, here's a start:

Jeju Love Land !

On our very first night, after our connecting flight to Jeju Island, we managed to drive ourselves to Loveland park as it closes at 9, and we scheduled that as our last visit for the night. 
Oops...sorry for the selfie stick showing!!!  Well, here we are at the entrance to Jeju Love Land, we are happy as we could catch it at night, because if we are in a tour group, it would not be on the itinerary even. 

Gosh, a blatantly phallic symbol for the entrance!
More balls and......!!!! At the risk of sounding either clinical or pornographic, I let the pictures do the talking.  After a while, though, you will get used to all the so called graphic, suggestive, lewd, erotic and etc etc sculptures and statues.  
Upright buttocks but top half of body is missing.  Maybe it is meant to be a chair, so he sat on it.
Doesn't seem very comfortable, right?
He is examining it, but then, he is now a retired doctor liao.

This statue is huge and is arched, defying gravity, in the throes of passion
Just to show you how huge it is.

some statues are grotesque with exaggerated parts
and contorted into weird positions.

Ugly, lifelike woman with thin guy 

See what I mean? fat and ugly woman, maybe they want it to be more realistic, not everybody has model girl looks or figure.

This is the entrance to the indoor museum

Don't ask me what all these are for or what they are...because I don't know!

Some are like torture implements!

The diorama below is entitled "A break in the afternoon" hahaha!!!
What a break!
Secret Garden in Spring!

This family all sleep in one room, and there is no privacy! esp the parents!

Meanwhile, back at the outdoor park..
Even the toilet signs and door knobs are explicit.

And, the way out......
Most interesting Love Land! 

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