Friday, November 4, 2016

MIddle Eastern Cooking 29 September 2016

To expose us to a different culture and to "internationalise"  us, we had Azra of Azra's Kitchen (check out her facebook page) to demonstrate to us some Middle Eastern Cooking and dishes.

Here we are at her kitchen and she is already busy whipping up the dsihes (I had trouble finding her house!)

She's busy jotting down notes and we took advantage of her diligence but snapping a shot of the recipes below:

Here we are, ready for the chicken dish!
A picture with the chef and eager members before we continue...
I do not know much about Middle Eastern cooking so I let the sequence of photos tell the story.

Sesame paste or tahini

Charcoal to smoke the basmati rice.

Basmati rice with cinnamon, tomatoes and other spices.

coals are added in the centre

She has finished cooking and the table is set for our sampling.

Chicken Mendi Rice

Mutabbal..Eggplant grilled with tahini (sesame Paste) cumin, garlic.
 Mutabbal is a starter to be taken with pita or any Arabic bread.
Fetush Salad.
Salad of cucumber, tomatoes, onion with lemon juice, olive oil with fried strips of Arabic bread.

Yum, our lovely lunch freshly prepared!
Here are the recipes for the above dishes:

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