Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jeongbang Waterfall, Seogwipo (정방폭포)

Jeongbang Waterfall, Seogwipo

The wonderful thing about a self conducted tour is that we can dash off to as many tourist spots as we can by forgoing lunch (heavy buffet breakfast at hotel can tide us over lunch) and we do not need to wait for anyone so we could visit any place not scheduled by conducted tours.
So looking up the (English) guidebook, we found this waterfall, one of many.
We chose this as it is on the way and is touted to be "the only waterfall in the world to fall directly into the ocean"

Entrance ticket is needed. 10.000 won.

"On the cliff high above the sea stands an old evergreen tree, leaning out as if ready to fall into the ocean" 

 So here we are, with the evergreen tree leaning and stretching out, and our palms stretching out  to catch the falls (we are like 2 kids, No? all right, 2 old kids)

View of the ocean.

 Great place to relax , the impressive waterfall was already quite impressive itself and if you feel up to it, you can get directly under the waterfall where there are rocks and you can even wade into the water.

 Ahjumas selling sashimi of octopus,abalone and they can even shuck fresh systers for you.
Last view of the majestic falls before we left for Yakcheonsa Temple.

Address: Donghong-dongSeogwipo, Jeju Island, South Korea

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