Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jeju Island Mysterious Road (도깨비 도로)

What is the Mysterious Road? 
Sounds Mysterious eh?
 Read for yourself what Mysterious road is about....
 We foumd the sign in front of Mysterious Road and proceeded to try to unravel the mystery.

 Actually, I found nothing mysterious about it!!! He tried driving according to the instructions, ( experience the strange phenomenon of going uphill when your vehicle’s engine is turned off)  to no avail, hehe...

 Mysterious houses?

 so we did the next best thing...we went to find the rock which says :"Mysterious Road"
 And we posed underneath it....Look! we have done the Mysterious Road!

 While going back to the car, we found a mysterious message on the it below..

 What does it mean? can you decipher the cryptic message? hahaha!!!
 This is the location of the Mysterious Road.

The Rock!!!

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