Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Arrivals, Lunch and Dinner at Jimmy's house

The Jakarter Sunter, the  Alabang, Song Jing and Japan sister club members flew in for our Shanghai Installation.

 At the airport to welcome Eva and 3 others from Indonesia

 Fi Nyan, Eva, Fi Nyan's wife, Rina and the president Bastian 
 We met up for lunch at a vegetarian restaurant.
 The Taiwanese had arrived earlier.
 Some of the food we had
 They ordered Thunder Tea for Eva but she did not mix them all up. She ate the dishes individually, guess it does not go too well for Indons.
 The food at Jimmy's house.

 Guests arrive (Taiwanese)
 House is in exclusive residential area in Kajang.

 Hahaha we should not ask guests to carry boxes of beer, but George is sporting.
 Jimmy's house has 3 storeys.

 Meanwhile, at the airport, the Filipinas arrive
 Lerma, Sim, Tess and Daisy
 Kojima of Japan also came.
 Dinner is served.


 Fun and laughter

 Exchange of gists

He has a whole bag of gifts
 we all got a small towel and a piece of soap

 Saw Imm came.

 The 4 presidents, they call themselves "classmates"!!!
 I went to get some rambutans for Anthony to bring back to his wife who just had a baby but my basket was empty!!! Everybody loved the rambutans!!!

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