Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Philippines: Joint Induction Ceremony

Our purpose of coming to Philippines was to attend the Joint Induction Ceremony as below:

Since the theme was red for Alabang, this is my wardrobe prep:

 red strapless peplum medium length dress from Padini, red heels, gold clutch from Forever New Australia, gold belt and red pashmina shawl with choker or statement necklace.

 We are now waiting for transport to pick us up.

How do I look? Finally I had a chance to wear my strapless peplum dress!
 The party is held at aerospace museum and this is Shirley!

 We ha reached! so must take pics with all the aeronautical replicas (they could be the real thing)


 we met Daisy when we went in

 With Hazel!
 Selfies galore!!!
we were caught selfieing!

even the men had a go!
 a toast to Alabang!

 we enjoyed ourselves!!
 so much!

 hahahah!!!! so much fun!

 back to serious of gifts by the 2 presidents
Camille presented the club officers
and then the oath taking followed...
 the members of Alabang and us!

 The DG gave a speech

Dancing followed!
Everyone took to the dance floor!

 Best red party I've attended!!!

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