Friday, August 19, 2016

Philippines: Lunch at Conti's on Arrival

After we were met at the airport by Sim, Danny and Camille, we were taken to Conti's for lunch.

caught in the act!
 someone took a pic of me taking selfie of the girls at the airport but my "stick" had its wire shorted! 
(I bought a new stick in Glorietta later)

Jimmy, Anthony and Lim are driven in this van
by lovely and young /Camille who is not even 30 yet!
Jenny entering Conti's Bakeshope at trendy Greenbelt 2 in cosmopolitan Makati
Conti’s is a great place to hangout with friends to chitchat and chill-out and although it is a bakeshop known for delicious cakes and pastries, they have food menu too and I loved the Group sharing set, something that we don't get in Malaysia.
Group Meals is a good concept where one got to taste different dishes without overeating or waste, and I think Malaysia should start having Group Meals too.

Camille got for us Hearty Menu 3 and 4 for all of us to share.

For appetisers and starters we had this signature MALLOW FUDGE BROWNIES

Lemon Squares
Anthony and Camille will be "classmates" which means that they will both be presidents in 2 yhears' time.
We also had Parmesan Sticks for starters...hmmm such lovely pastries and bake treats from Conti.
Our salads soon arrived.

Crab salad...lots of shredded crabsticks on fresh greens.
Corn Salad...yummy and tasty!

There were 2 kinds of rice: corn rice and Japanese fried rice
corn rice, light, hot steamed rice mixed with corn..delightful taste that did not overpower but let you enjoy your carbs with the meats
Japanes fried rice is different and tastes good even on its own
Beefsteak in mushroom and filling

tofu steak (mushrooms) 
Conti's Baked Salmon (that's egg on top of the salmon)
bbq chicken

baked delicious, Jenny doesn't take cheese so I took her share.....yum yum!
Anthony taking picture of the food too.

Sim showed off the prawns
hmmmmm mushrommy goodness with hearty beef

for dessert we had halo halo, Philippine version of ice-kacang
big one for the guys
small one for the girls

Salted Caramel cake

It was Sim's birthday so we got her the Conti Mango Bravo cake, famous and popular in Conti's
She is delighted with her cake! So were we! In Philippines most of the food outlets celebrate your birthday one whole month!

And they sing and dance for you too.  Happy Birthday Sim! 

 our group for lunch today at Conti's

I love this Conti experience because the pastries, cakes and food are fantastic and not what you can get in Malaysia.

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