Monday, August 1, 2016

Hari Raya Open House 23 July 2016

Shafee, Suri and Farhan (family of 3) extended an invitation for an open house at their residence at Taman Duta on 23 July 2016, the afternoon of my Shanghai Night.  We went for the 12 noon session to join them in this "joyous Eid ul-Fitr celebration" as stated in their invitation card.

 At the entrance of the garden I saw this cute signage to symbolise that we are nearing the open house venue!!
 On closer examination we found it was a chili stuck on an onion and impaled on the ground! Ingenious!
 Long walk to the house, hahaha!!!

 soon we could  see tents right up the gate!
Lovely and inviting seats under canopies and tents enticing you to enter and partake of the feast.

 we started selfie-ing.

 See? so many rows of tables, 
and we are early, before 12...
 Lovely garden setting.
 Suri the hostess and his classmate at medical school.

 Lots of food, mostly local fare, with spaghetti, pasta and mee goreng cooked on the spot for you, plus a whole area of fruits and desserts. Dad quickly took some food and finished them as he wanted to check out her orchid garden located at a lower level.

Lemang, lontong, sayur lodeh, beef rendang, lamb, Mongolian mushrooms, satay, diy mee soup, ayam kurma nasi beryani.roti jala, prawns in creamy I cannot name anymore!

 Help yourself and make yourself at home, while I entertain other guests.....she says as more guests start to arrive and she mingled....
 Hmmmm yummy Malay food that I missed as I had left school for nearly 3 years.

 I want  to show you the lush garden
 mini fountain near where we sat.

 Her husband in check shirt and friends.
 Entrance to the house but we need not enter as the garden was too huge to explore already.

 Suri came and regaled us with her laughter and tales as usual....
Suri and Farhan...she is bubbly and friendly!
We had to leave in a while, as I needed to get my hair and face done for my big night!!!

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