Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ice Age 4


International Women's Association Kuala Lumpur's

 "Ice Age Collision Course" Cinema Outing 

with Children from Orphanages & Underprivileged Homes


at GSC Cinema,

 Tropicana City Mall.

Spent Sunday afternoon on 31 July 2016 helping and IWAKL event as above, mostly as a photographer. 

 When I reached Tropicana Mall, the children were already sitting at designated areas waiting to enter the cinema. 
 Amarat is one of the organisers, calling up homes and arranging for them to meet at the Mall.
 Neeta Bedi procured the 200 tickets for the movie and we had one whole cinema to ourselves for this event.
 Children from the special children's home.

 Look at the cute down syndrome boy in my arms, but look at the handsome boy who is always gazing somewhere else.
 I had to call him to look at the camera, but he kept looking away distractedly 
 He is now looking at the camera, later when he held on to his teacher's hands while going upstairs, I felt overcome with emotion, because it should be his mother's hands he is holding, not a substitute mom.
 Kiat See also came out in full force to help
 These kids are normal and cheeky

 But these are always having vacant looks on their faces.

 Amarat welcomes another group who just came, I think they are from Pure Life Society.

 They are going to the cinema in batches

 He is so cute, adorable and lovaeble, right? He said he wanted some food, waiting made him hungry!

 Teacher with Chanel bag accompanies them into GSC Hall.

 These kids are very young and CUTE!!!!

Innocent and precocious with hope written all over their faces.

 Makes you feel kinda moody and sad that they are left in homes and orphanages.

 Shanti is like me, always like to document and take pictures.

 Shamsinar talking to representative from GSC about some issues and arrangements.
 No show is complete without popcorn

 Lining up for free popcorn and drinks

 We also got our popcorn!
 hahaha!!! 3 of us shared 2 seats (full house) and we had popcorn and drinks each!!

 Goodie Bags for the children when they come out 

 Yay!! We enjoyed our show!!!

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