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My Corregedor Trip in the Guiding Light, August Issue.

My article "Corregidor Trip" appeared in August issue of "The Guiding Light" which Shirley sent to me. 
The Guiding Light e magazine 

This is the page showing my piece! 

Larger Text here: 

My Corregidor Island Trip

CORREGIDOR….I knew next to nothing about this island, and I must confess I have not even heard of it!! So when I saw this as a day trip planned by our hosts in the itinerary sent to us I was excited as I would be visiting a place completely new to us. Very early the day after our arrival, we were whisked off to the ferry terminal to board our cruise to the historical island. I was delighted to see Shirley whom I had met on my last trip, with Grace, and of course, Tess and Lerma.
After a most comfortable cruise we landed on the island to be placed in designated coaches  in a well planned manner…Kudos to SUN CRUISES.  The guide who gave some background info while on the cruise also took us round visiting all the sites of interest regaling us with interesting anecdotes as we hopped on and off the bus together, taking photos of the places of historical value. The weather was absolutely fine: threatening to rain at times, but mostly cloudy which suited me  as I had forgotten my hat and I do not fancy being burnt to a crisp as Malaysia’s sun is wont to do.  We did a whirlwind taking in of the sights:  Statue of General McArhtur,War Memorials, Malinta Tunnel, Batterys and Barrack ruins, and the Corrigedor Lighthouse, which I did not think I was able to climb, but I did!!! And it was an exhilarating experience on reaching the top with Shirley the seasoned hiker in attendance, as the view was fantastic.  I enjoyed every minute of this day tour, , I sympathized with the locals in the struggle against the Japanese occupation, I appreciated their effort and sacrifices, the show of patriotism and nationalism made me reflect in my quiet moment.  We shared a wonderful lunch at a heritage hotel  and we  left with memories etched in our hearts and friendship ties strengthened forever.
(Vocational Director)
Rotary Club of Puchong Centennial, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Hahahaha! Wished I had chosen better photos! I think some of the historical details were added by the editor but most of the captions are mine.

Thanks, Shirley for giving me the opportunity to pen my thoughts on the trip! 

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