Friday, August 5, 2016

24 July 2016 Little India in Klang, Full Moon in Malacca, Banana Leaf Lunch, Masjid India.

Waah...such a long title, it is what the sister clubs did today or where we brought them!

 The day after the Shanghai Night was a free day for the sister clubs so we brought them out.
The above picture shows Tess with Eva, who is going to Ipoh with Tiffany and her Jakarta Sunter group.

 Today we will be going to Little India, in Klang
 So we started driving to Klang, Paramesh's hometown and we head towards Little India, and frankly, I have not been there, although Klang is just next door to Kuala Lumpur.
 You know you are reaching Little India when you start seeing shops selling saree.  The Klang mayor has promised to build an arch declaring "Little India" but it will be ready only next year.

 Pre-war buildings still standing, and everywhere, shops are selling Indian ware, and no, you are not in Punjab, but Malaysia.

 We park here and Paramesh says we have to take this lane to get to Little India proper.

 And so we walked the back lanes, dodging pimps and ladies of the night.....
 heheh, our entourage consisting of resident Sim, Tess, me with my selfie stick...
 Daisy, Lerma, Jenny followed by Rina, and George of Taiwan, the only one joining us.
 We had to pass roadside stalls and Tess is lugging along her luggage bag because she seriously wanted to buy scarves.
 skirting drains, braving stares and sidestepping the locals. 
almost there.......narrow lanes and the back of shops...
 first, needed to change to ringgit, at the bureau d' exchange (money changer lah)
 I started window shopping or rather five foot way shopping

 Paramesh the tour guide has his hands full!

 sights and sounds of Little India, Klang...

 sidewalk fortune telling, I remember this when I was young, and surprise!!! you can still find it here!

 Feeling famished, George and Viv went for some sustenance.

 Poh amused himself while the ladies shopped.

 Lunch was at ASOKA...banana leaf restaurant.

 I had Masala tea, my favourite now.
 The other group (Taiwan) went to Malacca for Anthony's son's full moon part

 They were led by Jimmy.
Meanwhile, we were done with Little India in Klang, and we went to Masjid India again!!

 Tess couldn't find her original shop but this was just as good!!

 I am already sweaty, bedraggled and my hair was getting drenched, hehe!

Tess is happy! She can buy her scarves here, wholesale!
 These are what she is looking for.

 Masjid India in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

 After many minutes, they are done!! The first bag.
 And the rest!
 We pose with all the bags!!!!
 A trolley is needed to carry the bags to the car!

 Tess saw this lovely cheetah print scarf hanging up there and bought it!
Yay! It suits my orange polo shirt! And it's only five ringgit!
 Sim bought this red silk material, Lerma too, and I jumped into the bandwagon and got a gold one,
 Then I saw the Coliseum cinema with life size standee of Kabali!  I must get my husband to bring me to see this hit gangster movie that is all the rage now with the local Indian community.

 Back at the hotel, the loot from Masjid India needed porters to bring up to their room!

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