Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Road Trip to Penang Wedding : Bentong Dim Sum, Market and Mokie Home Baked Pastry

Our funny road trip to Penang wedding was a roundabout route: We headed east and reached Bentong for lunch. We found this shop: RESTORAN SHL 
 We wanted something quick and the lady opened the cover to show us this!!!! YUM!!!! such a larger steamer full of small plates of dim sum!!!!!!
 She took out the choices that we pointed at.
 Then she opened the second layer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steam wafted and gave this picture this effect!!! We chose chicken feet, pork ribs and siew mai with roe.

 And I had one of these woo kok (yam puffs)

 This is our bill for 2
 Try this corner shop : SHL  Shuang Shi Lou (Double Happiness Inn) since 1988

 It is right in the market are and after lunch, we went for a stroll among the stalls looking for Mok.
 The crowd has gone, because it is already past noon. 
 Everywhere there is Bentong ginger for sale.
 So I bought only half a kilo's worth as they would be baking in the car while we travelled.

 We found Madam Mok  among the roadside makeshift stalls shaded under colourful umbrellas.
 Mokie Home Baked Pastry Big; RM9.50, small: RM5.70 for the packets of kaya and pineapple pastries. 

 We bought two packet to eat on our journey.

 I was excited to find Mok herself selling the pastries that she made herself, I thought she would get foreign labour to man the stall for her.

 Then we went round Bentong town; this is a large chinese school in the middle of busy township
 arched walkways of shops are still seen here.

 The Chinese Assembly Hall.
 Beautiful and ornate, festooned with red lanterns and the Malaysian flags, for Merdeka and Mid autumn festival.

 He made me pose under this minister who is a Bentong boy and the banner says "Bentong Walk" launch and this road is Jalan Chui Yin.

 Colourful lanterns for sale for the mid autumn festival, you don't get to see this in Kuala Lumpur now.
 This reminds me of my childhood days, when trays of chinese herbs are put out on the five-foot way to sun.

Last view of the market.  So there you have it, our tour of Bentong town.  Next we will look for Kow Po for our ice cream dessert!

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