Saturday, September 17, 2016

Famous Kow Po Ice Cream Parlour in Bentong 8 September 2016

 Form 8th to 11th September, we did a road trip from Bentong to Penang via the the East West Highway!

This is our first stop: Bentong. (I have never been here before!)
 When in Bentong, you have to try the famous Ice Cream Parlour, KOW PO.
Kedai Kopi Warung Ais Krim KOW PO.

Address: No. 2, Bentong Heights, Pahang, 28700 Bentong, Malaysia
 10 to 6

 Since we already had our lunch and we had circled the town doing the main sights, we were now ready for our ice cream. It was a breeze finding the shop and parking space was ample. 
We peered at this framed picture of the menu on the wall.
From the many stuck-on revision of prices, you can guess that it has also fallen victim to GST issues.
We did not know that sitting next to the menu selection was the boss himself who saw us undecided as to what to choose so he recommended the following for us
 Number 1: Kow Po signature ice kacang at RM4.50, it must have been even cheaper than that, looking at the new stuck on price tag. 
 And No 8: double Ice cream Special at RM7.00
 He personally went to the counter to place the orders for us and supervised the preparation too. 
 ...while we took more photos of the ice cream concoctions of the wall.
 His accolades, visitors and newspaper features and cuttings. 
More photos and magazine write-ups to. My Bentong dancing friend said that Kow Po is quite well known here.

 He said: good!! We said....Very Good!!!
 Here comes our double scoop special
 and our ice kacang with ice cream

Selfie first before attacking ice cream.
This side of the shop made the picture look dark so we had the waitress go to the other side! Boss's son is in the picture behind us.
 We look so cute ya, 2 oldies behaving like teens hanging out at the milk bar.

 Boss says he uses real milk and cream and has perfected the art of homemade ice cream.
 Ice cream was incredibly smooth, rich, thick and delicious.
 I don't know, he seemed to like us and came trotting over with an extra scoop of chocolate flavoured ice cream on the house!
 He ran off bashfully after giving us the free scoop! I did not even manage to get his name.
 Back behind the counter and he was camera shy all of a sudden!

 Then he came over to talk to us again.
 See? our double ice cream has become triple ice cream.
 There is a giant GO BENTONG poster hung in the shop.
 Go Bentong Campaign sounds like an interesting popularises a town like Bentong whose claim to fame must be through the notorious Bentong Kali. 
(you can google the infamous and tragic gangster Bentong Kali or Kalimuthu if you are interested)
 The  Boss of Kow Po is made famous with his image on the bunting.

So we enjoyed our smooth creamy home made ice cream with a bonus dollop of choc scoop and free ice water in aluminium tankards.
The next time you come to Bentong, do check Kow Po out: this is the address and tel no:
Kedai Kopi Kow Po
No.2 Bentong Heights,
28700 Bentong,
Telephone number: 09 222 1258 / 016 931 0391
Business hour: From 10 am to 6 pm

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