Monday, September 26, 2016

Road Trip to Penang Wedding: Raub and Kuala Lipis enroute to Kota Bharu.

After leaving Bentong, we soldiered on the Raub and Kuala Lipis, our next 2 stops. Both these two towns I have not been before too, although my old colleague form Batu Pahat who taught with me in Parit Sulong is from Kuala Lipis.

the alternative route to Kota Bharu is Raub, the sign says. 
And Kuala Lipis will be our next stop too.
We sought out the Raub rest house which is right in the heart of Raub town.
We found two schoolboys chilling out here under the shady tree.

But we came here to "date" and take photo!!! 
hahaha! we are two old retirees who have all the time in the world!

 The town is fantastic, serene and peaceful, with beautiful landscapes

 From the hill here you can see the bustling town on a hot afternoon.
 Other pensioners too, come here to read.

 We are now going to check out the rest house (in colonial days, resthouses are popular as hotels were scarce back then)

 Gentle arches hark back to the days when Malaya was colonised.
 bit of history on the walls and old colonial style drawing room.

 Time stood still here.

 The price is quite steep, no wonder there was hardly any guests here, soon resthouses will be a thing of the past.

Raub was the El Dorarado of Malaya (Raub was a gold mining town but nothing remains to remind one of that, except his newspaper article)

 Raub is also well known for its groundnuts so we visited a kacang goreng sempalit factory.

 shopping for Raub's milk tea and ginger drink

 And had coconut for a refreshing break

 Milk Tea
Ginger Tea

 Moving on, we reached Kuala Lipis!

 Kuala Lipis Town!

 Lipis Jetty

 Abandoned shophouse

 Beautiful government offices

It being a public holiday, I could pose and take photos!  However we missed the famous St Clifford School of Kuala Lipis.
Next: Gua Musang.

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