Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Korea: Palace Hotel ane Backlane BBQ Dinner 20 October 2016

We stayed at Palace Hotel and walked out in search of dinner for the night.
 We found this place: aiyah, we can't read Korean and there isn't any English equivalent so here's the pic: the name of the eatery is on the menu.  We had the beef for W12,000 and squids for W2,000.
 and soup for W8000(just point at the picture lo)
 So, here's the squids, laid out on the wire rack to be barbecued...OUTSIDE the restaurant!
He's waving at me taking his photo,,,! and yes, he's on top of the drain with a mini bbq set and he's grilling our squids which gave off a heavenly aroma!
 closer look at how he is doing it and note the gigantic chimney-like smoke sucker!
 The wife gives us the beef which she will fix on our rota table top bbq (below)
 The coals are reduced to embers...
 Another helper fixes chimney (extensions) that goes up to the roof. while he watches, mouth agape!!! he is mighty impressed!
See, how cool is that?
 Now we can grill the beef (actually they are self rotating and we do not need to do any grilling)!
 and of course the side dishes!!
 The squids are done, our soup is here, and our meal is complete!

Grand meal right? Fluffy white rice, beef, sotong, soup and side dishes!
 So nice!!!
 A view of the tiny shop, the assistant is watching TV right behind us!!
 The friendly shopkeeper is walking down the back alley and telling us where to find fruits, and other stuff down the alley.  Guess, it is still very safe to walk around alleys and not afraid of getting mugged or your bag snatched, unlike back home.
 We stand in front of the shop with the name on it, so you can go try this wonderful place is you like!
 We are now back in the hotel in one piece.....we feel very carefree and safe and we just had the most satisfying dinner.
 Palace Hotel coffee shop
The lobby, well, it is now late at night.....See ya next post!  I promise to be on time!

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