Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Big Korean Bowl of Noodles

Our Korean Tour guide for this segment of our Korean Trip is Shin Miae. We do not have to look for our own dinner, she will source for a place for us!!!

After a full day of touring, she is bringing us for dinner.
She brought us walking the streets looking for a suitable place and there are only 3 of us!
See, she is our personal tour guide!
This place is too packed, look, there is even a queue outside the restaurant!
So we take selfie while she scouts around again
The locals always look busy and they mind their own business.
See our guide in red? She walks very fast!...we linger around street corners taking photos!
Must take photo with the locals who walk very fast and try to give us the wide berth!
Finally she found a cute place!
This is the exterior of the restaurant and as usual, I cannot decipher the I stand here to remember the place. 
We were presented with this huge plate of stewed chicken! Steaming, hot, aromatic, the pieces of chicken looked juicy simmering in the soya sauce packed with chili, ginger, carrots, spring onions, onions and zuchinni.

It was served with purplish rice, and no side dishes this time. except for pickled radishes.
Since she is our personal guide, she even eats with us!!

After eating the chicken pieces which are ample for 3 (you can see that there still so much chicken still) Miae told us that at the bottom there are see through flat noodles that are silently soaking up all the gravy and juices from the chicken!

The noodles are so long, a pair of scissors are provided for you to cut them!
Look at the transparent itself it is bland but under all those chicken and gravy, it is now so yummy!

We continued eating the chicken, zuchinni and noodles.....but there was still a lot left!
So Miae "ta-pau"ed it for the driver!
Once again, the restaurant with the Big Bowl of chicken Noodles!

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