Thursday, March 2, 2017

16 February 2017 Vocational Service Awards Nightn

 I had a very successful run as the OC or Organising Chairman (person) for the awards night in my capacity as the Vocational Director. Actually, I had a lot of help!!!! The certificates were procured by the AG (Assistant Governor) all I did was buy the frames, but I did do the coordination, wrote all the scripts and programme and speeches and presented the awards.
This is a group photo of the award recipients and some of our guests for the night.  We as the organisers are seated in front.  The event was covered by a Chinese journalist and it appeared the very next day in a Chinese daily, Sin Chew Jit Poh as seen below:
Er...I can't read so much Chinese, but I did see my name in Chinese! They got me to write it for them the night before.

 3 awards were given out: A certificate of appreciation to Shiok Kopitiam for providing much of the catering for our service projects 
 And the 2 main vocational awards went to the late Rev Tang and his spouse...they founded the House of Joy chain of orphanages and old folks home.

Rev Tang's spouse accepting the award for her husband who won it posthumously.  Tony is my able MC (he's an ex toast master trainer) reading from the script I prepared.

I presented the corporate award to Jimmy who accepted it on behalf of Alan who had gone to Bhutan to attend the RI Conference. Jimmy is damn tall and I am damn short, hahaha!
President Rina presented the main awards.
 We had special food that night (handled by my food committee) and it was a departure from the usual fare.
 Chocs and hors doevre ( don't know how to spell lah) brought by members
 punch by steven
 YUM...Mexican Chicken chop from Shiok Cafe

 Creamy Mushroom vegetarian pasta

 fresh garden salad

 keropok from president's recent trip to Kelantan

 guests for the night
 Steven posing with me and the photog Steve said we are posing like mother and son,hehe!
 Lots of posing...for once I am not the photographer, like I said, I have a lot of help: I have an mc, I have a photographer, a food committee ...unlike my Perkembangan Staff days in MBS where I did EVERYTHING including the food, photos, speeches THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!!

 Even the flower and fruit basket was ordered by Jenny and delivered to the venue. It was a very successful night, eveything went smoothly, and I had a lot of praises for a job well done and organised!!!

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