Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dinner: Grilled Sea Food and Bulgogi Buffet Restaurant.

So after strolling aroud the Jagalchi Market, our appetite was whetted for a seafood indulgence at this place called "Grilled sea food and Bulgogi Buffet Restaurant" ..I do not know its name!

 Just take the lift up (forgot what floor though)  It was very crowded when we got in!!

This is our table for 2, right at the far end, because, like I said, it was VERY CROWDED!!!
There is a grill covered with foil, and controls for the fire

Now look at he buffet spread available:

 I let the pictures speak for themselves, because, frankly, I do not know what is what!! (except for the obvious)

 He went first and got all this marinated meat!!

 And lost no time in grilling them! I went to take photos of some of the food for future reference.....

 We finished nearly everything and still had some ungrilled meat : below!!!
 Not wanting to waste any food, we somehow also managed to finish that....After such a heavy meal, we left the building.

 To get some load of my tummy, maybe I treat my face to some of the masks I bought?

And to get rid of eye bags (wait,I do not have eye bags but I do have black under eye shadows and wrinkles and laugh lines) I opened my newly bought jar of eye masks and used them, so before the fish and meat do their damage, I eye masked them with gold flecks eye patch that will do wonders to my peepers!!!

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