Saturday, April 1, 2017

Yongdusan Park (용두산 공원)

After our cultural experience (dressing up in the hanbok) our tour guide took us to Yongdusan Park.  This is not included in our itinerary but since we had time and we needed to get to the Jagalchi Fish Market, and the best way there is via Nampodong Road.

"Near Nampo-dong is the Yongdusan (Mt. Yongdu) Park, which is accessible by escalator. Wildly popular among tourists, the park is a must-see location for those who enjoy walking or wish to catch a birds-eye view of Busan from the park’s observation tower."

 "Yongdusan Park is a park located in Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea. The 118-meter-high Busan Tower is located here. Yongdu means “dragon’s head” and “san” means “mountain”"
 In the park ground there is a bench on which is seated a statue of the actress in "winter sonata" ...I have forgotten her name!

 Oh, her name is here: Choi Ji Woo and the reason for her statue having pride of place here is because she is "Busan Tourism Ambassador"  hmmm...quite an honour right?

 This is the best I could pose with my stumpy legs laa...

 So now we are going up Busan Tower

 On the observation deck there was a love chair, and of course the famous locks ( you can see them behind us) but we were too over the throes of love to pen any heatfelt message for each other.

 Look at the amount of locks and notes, I really hope they found what they were looking for. I did!

 You can see the cityscape and the wall of locks.
Statue of the Great Admiral Yi Sun-shin

 Busan Tower, Citizen’s bell, flower clock, poe
m themed streets, statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, Baeksan Anhuijae Monument, Yongdusan Park memorial monument, Chunghon monument, Yongtap (dragon) monument, Yongdusan Art Gallery.....we saw them all!

 Dragon Monument

 Citizen's Bell

 Tour guide insisted we pose like this

she also demonstrates how it's done

 Yes, she loves to pose, like this!
So all our pics are like this too, hehe!
Flower Clock

Now it was time for us to take the escalator down to the street below.

 And we found ourselves in Nampo dong agian!!!  We were here yesterday.

 Nampo-dong, a Shopping Paradise
Nampo-dong is also known for its assortment of shops. Concentrated mostly on the main streets of Nampo-dong are a wide variety of stores selling not only luxury brands but also discount products. But the true attraction of shopping in Nampo-dong lies in the shops and stalls specializing in imported goods. From clothing to shoes, bags, and fashion accessories, the stores offer products that draw not only teens, but young professionals as well


I was asked to buy 100 packs of mask so I chose Skinfood and Face Shop at 50% off

 We also had to pass BIFF Again.
Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) is synonymous with Nampo-dong. Held every October (15 years running), PIFF is one of the largest and most authoritative film festivals in Asia. During the film festival, visitors can frequently run across Korean and international superstars at boisterous red carpet events. The festival’s success subsequently promoted PIFF Square, establishing Nampo-dong as a regional focal point. Naturally, the square is surrounded by top-notch movie theaters like Busan Theater, Daeyoung Cinema, Cinus, and CGV, making Nampo-dong a fascinating stop for movie buffs.
Finally!!! We saw all these aquatic watery things!! We are at Jagalchi Fish Market!!! Next Post ya!!!

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