Saturday, April 1, 2017

Jagalchi Market (부산 자갈치시장)

It is almost evening and we have walked to the famous Jagalchi Market!!! We were so happy to see this colourful sign on top of the building: our destination before dinner!
Korea's largest seafood market
The first floor of the building is the fish market while the second floor has a raw fish center and a dried seafood section. 
Jagalchi Market, located on the shoreside road in Busan's Jung-gu, is Korea's largest seafood market, selling both live and dried fish.

Most of the people who sell fish are women, so the women who sell here are called 'Jagalchi Ajumma,' 'ajumma' meaning middle-aged or married women.
Here I am, squatting beside the Ajumma, I am also one, except I do not sell fish!
This market represents Busan and is famous throughout the country. If you visit you can eat fresh raw fish right at the market. Everywhere you can see women selling mackerel, sea squirts (ascidians) and whale meat on wooden boxes along the road outside of the market and along the shore. 

  "This a huge fish market, and there is lots of great fish and other seafood there, and you'll have to opportunity to eat squid that is still wriggling when you eat it!"

No, of course we did not eat any live squids, in case you are wondering!

 " It's truly a place where freshly caught fish is bought and sold. Fresh fish can be bought for comparatively low prices, and an economical meal can be enjoyed by buying the fish from the market and then taking it upstairs to the raw fish center where it can be prepared for just a small additional cost to cover seasonings and maeuntang(spicy fish soup).If you  come very early you can see the activity of  fishes being landed."

 Store Information 
1F: Fresh fish market (live fish/live eel/albalone/live fresh fish)
2F: Hoe Center (East.West Hoe Center/Resaurant zone/dried fish zone)
3F: Soribada norabang, exhibition room
4F: Dadohae Korean restaurant
5F: Oase Seafood Buffet
6F: Oase convention center, buffet
7F: guesthouse, sky park

Convenient Facilities 
Rest area, tourist information center, exhibition room, terrace, sky park, elevator, escalator, etc
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 Every year in October the Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival is held, and it is easy to visit because of the convenient transportation provided by subway. Jagalchi Market is where you can see the lifestyle of the Busan locals.

  Men cleaning and cutting fish for you to be cooked upstairs,
Next, we will be going for our most delicious seafood steamboat /barbecue dinner!!!

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