Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chadstone Vip Shopping Event 18 November 2014

My sister's favourite shopping centre is Chadstone.  That night she found out that there was a VIP shopping event that lasts till midnight, normally it closes at 5!!

 Here I am outside Chadstone at last!!! WOW!!! The queue to go into the parking lot!  The queue to park!!! Finally my sister dropped us off and she went back!!! She will come back later to get us!
 Look at the cars outside, ...It was a struggle just to get in!!!
 Hahaha!! Look at the Q outside Pappa Rich!!! Whoever had the franchise in Melbourne must be laughing all the way to the bank!!
 This is the outside, wait till you see the inside!!
 Gosh!!! The crowds!!!
 SUPRE!!! My two girls went crazy inside here!!
 Dad sat and waited here, futile wait, because if he knew we would take 3 hours, he would have gone to the hardware store or at least, the men's department!!
 I went to Thomas Sabo, where they had 20 per cent off, but at Pandora, there was a queue to go in!!!
 you can see the words emblazoned on the signage: "Christmas VIP Event :Sales Till Midnight"
That's Chadstone for you!

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