Sunday, November 23, 2014

Melbourne: Cooking Sizzling Hot Plate Prawns

This is a video of my daughter making the sizzling effect with the prawns on the hot plate...

 Full concentration cooking the prawns
 But no matter when and how I train the camera on her, she always has a smile ready!!
 wow!!! so many gigantic aussie prawns that my younger daughter loves!!
 She also heats up the hot stone plate (from can get it from Macy)
 like I said...always camera ready, hahaha!!!
 I don't know how,but whatever she is doing, she instinctively knows that my camera is on her, she looks my way and flashes a smile!!!
 then she pours the prawns on the two hot plates...they sizzle!!!! look at the view on top!!!
 hmmmmm yummy sizzling prawns!!
ingredients: bacon, prawns, snow peas and seasoning : agak agak one!!!!!
(the wooden stand comes with the hot stone plates, but the holder, {not shown{ you have to buy!)

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