Saturday, November 29, 2014

House Hunting in Melbourne

We went house hunting in Melbourne.
what? No lah, the house hunted us instead
Such a beautiful dream house, remains,

 Cousin took us to see a show house
 to show us how they furnish it in a contemporary, upmarket, designer style...
 Welcome, look see only!

 Gosh, look at me! I am lost in the foyer itself!
 downstairs guest room
 inviting, soothing, I wanted to jump right in...
no lah,
 I did not dare to even lay a finger on the clean sheets
 all marble and gleaming glass facade

 Let's check out the first floor
we are lost again...mere specks of humanity amidst the gleam of marble tiles and roomy space
 ensuite dresser....all the bathrooms are easily accessible, you just stroll here and there, and smack, there's a walk in restroom
 family den
 well stocked larder, I mean it can be well stocked with Malaysian delights and spices, no, oh ok continental gourmet ingredients for a culinary adventure
 outdoor dining in huge patio
 kitchen dining, living, al fresco, all rolled into one, a very big one
 as big as someone's entire apartment

 downstairs living room

 let's go upstairs....didn't we just do that? oh ok, must have been a detour....ok let's go upstairs now big as my entire house in Kinrara
 upstairs family area.....if you have a big family

 walk in wardrobe like a shopper
 my  bedroom
 my study
 my landing

 my shower
 my children,
 (only this is true, the above are all so NOT TRUE!!!)
 I once went a Chanel boutique in Pavilion like this

 cannot live here, just take photo here lah
 I need 2 maids, or more...

 all baths have a view...or be viewed

 what is she thinking of??? Penny for your thoughts

 "His" wardrobe
 let's go downstairs, it is getting a bit too stifling

 wine cellar

let's go, they are letting go the deco for 1.5 million AUS D
the deco only, the house????
I cut a folorn figure hahaha!!!!

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