Monday, September 28, 2015

3 September 2015 Sinister 2 Movie and Fatal Accident Near Sogo

On 3 September we went to watch a free movie because we had 2 tickets...
The title of the movie: SINISTER 2...

We caught the 11.55 Morning show on a weekday, well, because we were both retired and had all the time in the world, hehe

while waiting for the hall to open, like anyone else, we checked our smartphones because, we need to keep up with the times, and the art of conversation has, sadly, died.
And everywhere on the news, the social network, the whatsapp groups were these pics and news..

 the overhead bridge had fallen and had caused a massive jam...
 the massive jam was a standstill and traffic was gridlocked....
 actually, news spread widely that the overhead bridge collapsed, actually it was just an accident that caused the jam, not the collapse....
 a very nasty accident
 that had everyone caught in the snarl which got no one anywhere

 Meanwhile, all was quiet and peaceful at the cinema, because it was a working morning on a weekday, and the cinema hall was near empty save for a lone woman walking around

 I was so free, I started selfie-ing
 I did not need to selfie because there was a mirror....look, my partner is so engrossed  he is oblivious to what his wife is doing

 Ia pasti menghantui mu.....
it will surely haunt you....and it did, it was a horrible movie, showing grisly ways of how whole families die at the hands of a young family member who has to film the whole dying process in creative ways, like "picnic" " Barbeque" "fishing" ....sounds innocuous, but it is at the picnic/bbq/church outing/etc etc  that the families die horrific deaths. What is more sick is that the young family member is made to sit through other families' deaths, blow by blow...blow all they might, I closed my eyes and kept them shut. except the part where the rats burrowed out of the live bodies in an attempt to escape their own deaths, (I thought they had died, and I opened my eyes)..before they kill their own families. 

 Next day, the newspaper had to clarify that the jam was caused by accidents, and not a damaged bridge.

so between reality and make believe, people died....and people suffered.....and btw, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT watch Sinister 1 or 2 or 3 (2 ended with a possibility of a 3) because well, do you want to watch how people die????? and watch how people die through the eyes of a child, and watch how people die, at the hands of a child.

Watch instead Insidious and its sequels directed by James Wan.

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