Monday, September 14, 2015

Aristocrat Restaurant, Makati

 In Makati , the 3 girls took us to Aristocrat for lunch.
It is an awsome popular restaurant that was very old...(I forgot how old though)
 The top part of the restaurant that I had to crane my neck to take a photo of...the picture must be the founder of the restaurant....I feel great that I can lunch here at this vintage place.

 The Aristocrat Restaurant
146 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City Tel. No. 895-0101 / 895-0725; 

Aling Asiang was a grade school graduate, plain housewife, and doting mother who had the uncanny ability to cook great tasting native dishes (from the website)

 These pictures are from their website

"This is an institution of a restaurant, having been around for over half a century. Known for its Chicken Barbeque served with Java Sauce and Java Rice, I also like the Kare-Kare (Sweet Ox Peanut Curry) and Crispy Pata (Fried Pig Trotters)." from Trip Advisor....

and this is what we had...mostly ordered by Camille...
 Crispy pata (fried pig trotters)
 crispy pata was well, very cripsy with skin that you could crunch and trotters that you could chew on
 Sim, Camille and Alice
 pork adobo....melts in your mouth pieces of pork interred in adobo gravy 
 famous bbq chicken with Java rice....fragrantly marinated chicken bbqed to perfection
 Seafood kare kare ..not your usual curry-curry, but peanut sauce kare kare with generous servings of seafood,
 For dessert we had Halo Halo
 And we had extra milk for the Halo Halo

 comes with a big nice round purple ball of yam ice cream
 Me and Tess with our halo halo
 Shirley says you must mix up everything to enjoy halo halo
 this is what it looks like, all mashed up
 Sim pokes the mixture vigorously
 even when she is talking she is shaking things up
 till it looks all shaken up like a smoothie
me, I can't do it, I scooped up the bits and pieces of beans and stuff from the bottom, spooned the ice cream and ate it,, like I do our ice kacang or ABC (AIR BATU CAMPUR) I could not bring myself to mash everything up!!!
Assorted sweetened beans and fruit with ice shaving topped with purple yam custard and rice puffs

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