Sunday, September 20, 2015

Trinity Seafood Restaurant

After the Alabang Induction we were treated to a seafood lunch at  Macapagal Boulevard: (choose your seafood ).. They cook it for you at Dampa Trinity Restaurant

This is the shop that we went to "Trinity Restaurant" but first, you have to go and pick and choose and buy your own seafood
Outside the entrance to the seafood market
then we walk to the markets,  they are situated in narrow rows of stalls

Francis is out the narrow rows of seafood market
after you have chosen and bought your seafood, they will weigh them and cook for you 
you can choose whatever cooking style you like and they jot it down for the chef
then you wait for the food to be cooked and served to you
we have chosen this long table for all of us, but first, let me bring you to the fish market and let's go marketing

alfie and Steven entering the market
gosh!!! I have never seen so much shellfish in my life!!!
shellfish galore

and so  many aquariums!!!
the shellfish and clams  I do not know the name of, let alone eaten them

 Sellers will call out to you and entice you to buy their wares
there are so many stalls and so many sellers!!!
 they will hold up their choicest crabs and ask you to buy!....but I and Francis don't know how to buy, only know how to take photos!!! The following photos are from Francis and his wife......

 Francis' Wife

 and this funny succulent seaweed

William wants to sink his teeth on the crab claws already
see how huge they are?

and this crab is bigger than my face lol!

 After walking many rounds, the men are ready to do serious buying
whatever Jimmy points and wants, Kuljit will do the bargaining!
 and President Paramesh will do the carrying!
 we are now  joined by our Philippine hostesses
look at our catch, I mean our purchases! ready to be cooked and eaten!
 wow!!! so many packets! well there are so many of us you know
Imee and me pose for the camera, while Kuljit cracks his head on what type each seafood should be cooked.

 Imee buys this purple yam cake for us to try as appetiser
Roger, Alfie and Steven waiting patiently
 first dish to arrive: salad (the seaweed pictured earliet)

 bits of round pods that you bite and juices will squirt out
 next dish, some snails

 butter prawns
 wow...start eating!!
 chilli that you take and and squeeze lime on
 like this
next the gigiantic crabs, cut into halves

Alf takes photos!
Steven and I play with the crabs

 Alf is tackling his crab, but I ask him to join  his half of the crab to mine
like this!!
 everyone else is eating and enjoying lah

 this is the oyster that got me sick with food poisoning, because I had 3!
 sour raw mangoes with sambal like sauce


 Suddenly, everyone left the lunch table 

 what are they taking photos of?

 the typhoon!!!
to them, it is only strong wind and rains, to us it is like TYPHOON!!!

and I went in the rain for this photo!!!

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