Friday, November 27, 2015

Lunch at Anh Dzung Garden Restaurant

Before we went for our Halong "land" boat ride,
we had a sumptuous lunch at Anh Dzung Garden Restaurant.

Look at the amount of food we had!!!! hehehe...this is for 6, as there are 12 of us and we always seat 6 to a table (2 tables). Below is a breakdown of the dishes
 tung hoon...we were given rice papers with which we could wrap these in and eat

 like this!!!

 of course, our starter...with the infamous pop piah wrap!

 our table minus the photographer....

 the other table headed by Jenny the dance teacher

you know these aunties are very funny...we had bananas for dessert which they are keeping to eat later and posed with the bananas as cellphones, siow!!!!

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