Friday, November 20, 2015

Water Puppet Show

After our cruise, our next item was to take in a water puppet show.

 Lining up for the toilet was hilarious because it was so long and we giggled as we took photos, because, well whoever take photos while standing in a toilet line?????
 This is the theatre Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre 
 situated on busy 36 streets of famous Hanoi Old quarter.
 so after getting the tickets we had one hour to spend so we explored the Old Quarter!
 we saw this baquette or banh minh stand and immediately surrounded her!
she toasts the bun and put a stick of meat and vegetables inside
 we are such an unruly crowd, the tour guide had to help organise us!!
 look!! how yummy
 all of us managed to get our small change ready and one baquette each!!
 then we walked around, everywhere there were goods for sale
goods are even hung on the tree trunk!
 believe it or not this is a coffee joint! certainly not your ordinary Starbucks coffee place
 Cat is negotiating the price of street food!! hehehe
 there! our coffee and the buns Cat bought for us!
 going back to the theatre for our show!
could even go to the lake!
and the park!
 back to our show...water puppetry has its roots that date back to the 10th century
 the stage and white tourists are entering the rows of seats
 but this row belongs to us!!
 The central stage is below the water line and the puppeteers stand in waist deep water

 It takes a great deal of skill because the puppeteer's hands are under water and learning to ,manipulate the puppets as a tradition and passed on as a family secret.
It originates from the Red River Delta and celebrated festivals and harvests.

we have finished the show and we wait till all have left to take photo as if the theatre is ours!

 we are also the only ones left at the foyer!
 At the dining hall also we present a very big crowd!!!
 Outside the excellent restaurant!
Bye!!!! we meet at the next blog post!!

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