Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pinnacles, Perth: Sand Dunes and Sand Surfing

After the Pinnacles we just had to go to the Sand Dunes and go sandboarding..but first here are some pictures lifted from the internet........ not me!
tiny figures show you how vast the desert is
you can sand surf or sand board

here now are our own pics

on reaching the entrance, we are about to experience a thrilling bus ride
from our dashboard you can see the vast terrain that no ordinary car can navigate

see what I mean, this car came to grief...its tyres were swallowed by the soft sands 
a whole family was stranded
our truck will be doing this....isn't it thrilling? gravity-defying? and it looked absolutely impossible
people looked lost in the swirl of sand like clouds
even in such unforgiving ladscape, human activity is rife

after lots of sand duning (which means the truck went up and down some dunes) we came out
wobbly at the knees!

look at the truck! It has special wheels and armoured walls and an insulated driver's compartment.
awesome wheels that could extend out
with hydraulics and stuff that could climb sands and go down mounds of sand easily!

He is now passing surf boards to all of us...

I got mine! dare I try?
first pose with the surfboard lah!
selfie too!

driver and tour guide demo first
so now everyone gets their board and are ready to try

then they are off! whee!!!!
these two have already sand boarded down and are coming back up for seconds

Papa also try!

wheeeeee!!! that's him! I did not go down!! hehe

Only  took panorama pics...
soon it was tiime to go up back on the bus
This boy is telling his gf..."shall we have a last one?...Let's go!!!"

And they are off, on a last bid, while all of us are dusting sand off our shoes and boarding the bus

they sand boarded down the slope
two tiny head

Driver had to go down and call them back
she is the last! she cut a lone figure and ran back to all of us waiting in the bus!

Let's go!
It's getting dark and we have a long drive back!!!

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