Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Visit to the Mausoleum, Presidential Palace Vestiges, University of Literature in Hanoi.

I tried to take an "alone" pic but as usual, they dashed forward to pose too...sigh!!!

see? how they photo bomb me? hehe

We are going to the mausoleum and it is a scorcher!!!
we were made to queue up in the hot sun to go in to view the body of Ho Chi Min which has been embalmed and preserved for 40 years....and no phototaking was allowed.
we are now out of the mausoleum and can pose the sun!!!

next, tour guide took us to the park where Ho Chi Min used to walk and this is his mango path
The Presidential Palace is in the background but we were not allowed to enter it. 
The orchard and palace grounds
Buddha or Cypress tree's roots along Uncle Ho Fishpond
Uncle Ho's simple house on stilts showing his autere lifestyle
well, everywhere we go we are swamped by 11 girls, I mean, aunties
aunties who love to pose
You really have to jostle for space otherwise you (I) will be overshadowed by the tall ones!

see how crazy they are?

then we went to the University of Literature which is very ancient and not in use anymore
as ancient as we are?

even though the university is not in use, graduates come here for their convocation photos

everywhere there were Vietnamese youths in their gowns and national costumes.
The girls are impossibly slim and svelte

pretty too, with gorgeous figures.
I don't know lah, everywhere also can pose
Even in the bus!!!

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