Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Busan Museum, Culture Experience Centre and Wearing the Hanbok

Welcome to Busan Museum and the Culture Experience Centre.
Today we will get to soak in some Korean culture and even get to wear the hanbok!
(traditional Korean wedding/royal costume)

This is the entrance to the museum
Entrance is free, cultural experience is also free
(wearing of the costume)

We could also experience 3 aspects of culture : the tea ceremony, Takbon or rubbing of texts and images but we chose the wearing of hanbok only due to time constraints.  We had to book our slot and wait for 3 pm.
Soon our turn came and we were assissted  with our costumes.

I chose this:

hehe, me!
footwear for him first
he chose this!
The king's clothes
shoes galore
head gear, wigs, accessories
takes a lot of time and patience to dress properly.
Welcome the king!
Long live the queen ( I feel fat and dumpy with all those layers!)
Our before pic

Our "after pic"!!!
He said..."don't smile, act like  serious royals!!" 
but I giggled!!!

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