Saturday, October 3, 2015

1st October Day One at Perth

First day at Perth
At the baggage claim...easy and hassle-free, Perth had such a breezy and top notch first class airport...
We were met on arrival and sent to our hotel... The Criterion 
Since we had the free afternoon we went out walking 
Saw this funny juxtaposition of the old with the new (ultra modern boxy structure joined to uber old heritage church ) 
Such a pleasant walk... Beautiful weather..beautiful trees
Poetic scenes
Like this lone bird perched on sparse branches.. I could wax lyrical but it's 2.20 a.m. now and I have insomnia due to in house coffee...hai hai hai ... Have a full day  tomorrow..
I love the roadside bar tables... But there is no one sitting there
Husband was excited to see Pie Face.. He read that Berjaya group was bringing it to Malaysian shores... But he did not know it had already folded!!!!!
Next to Pie Face was Rotary Club Perth!! I was supposed to be at a meeting in KL so  maybe I should pop in for a meeting upstairs?? Such a coincidence!!! 

Will update you soon!!! 

Blogging from my phone!!

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