Monday, October 12, 2015

Perth walkabout and Swan River Cruise

These are the places that we went on the 2nd day

 The coach dropped us at Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
 and we boarded our respective tour coaches
 Mr Kerry is our driver and tour guide for the day

 Our first stop was Botanic Gardens
Look how we pose!!!!
 Next was Fremantle Market, the above is me with my two kids in 1999
 Many years later I am here with my husband
bought bird whistlers from this friendly guy
A 13 year old S at the market
she was very into Palm Reading and Tarot cards
me and my 11 year old who was overtaking me in height
Gosh!!! the very same church!
similar, don't you think?
 We managed to visit the old prison
 and walked to the Town Hall with free wifi everywhere 
 Next we found the Round House
then we walked around Fremantle Harbour
 And had lunch at Sweet Lips
 Fish and Chips of course!!!
 stopped at Maritime and Shipwreck Museum first
 Before we took our cruise

 free coffee and tea on board
and winte tasting! See my glasses of wine?

Swan River Cruise
above are priceless old pictures of my first cruise here
 after stepping off we could still walk nice and pleasant!!!

visited Bell Tower, but it was closed, we were misled by the big "OPEN" sign!

 and rounded off with dinner at Criterion Hotel!

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