Thursday, October 22, 2015

Serina Wee

While I am not particularly interested in the City Harvest case
but since I am bombarded on social media and the press everyday with their news
I can't help but notice one pretty face:
Serina Wee's!!
(the first girl in the pic below)

Kudos to Singapore for a speedy trial and for serving justice where it is due (unlike  a certain country know which....where it is so difficult to mete out verdict due to convoluted plots and twists that put  Bollywood and K-movies to shame

picture credits below: STOMP Singapore
 Everyday Serina arrives at court dressed trendily
 effortless chic
 cool comfort yet stylish
 in power suits that make you think she is going for a high level multi global corporate meeting
 smiling like she is going to chair the above said meeting!
 sharp tailored suits with designer bags
 body con dress in chanel inspired black and white
 like going for movie shoot or photo shoot

 and no wonder! This pencil suit she is wearing is now available on line!!!
She opens her own online boutique to sell the clothes that she models!!
 makes me want to reach for my mouse and go online to get one!

togged up from head to toe

 so pretty

 they are going to jail fo misappropriating  funds to finance the above's pop star career lol
maybe even finance her plastic surgery

To jail,,to jail!!!

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