Monday, October 19, 2015

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Margaret River Township and Dinner at Country Club

It's gonna be a long day, we hopped back on the bus and Kerry took the wheel again
He bantered non stop: lots of stories and anecdotes to tell us!!!
Look at his microphone...
such a good idea to get a driver who doubles as a tour guide too!

 Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse was next...
situated at the far end of the earth!!
Kerry said we have no time to linger at the base but we have to quickly get to the Lighthouse and take photos as we go along...
 so we started walking, clear blue skies as backdrop
 hmmm long walk!!!

funny cow statue, I do not know its significance...
 we reached!!!
 wow!!! regal and tall, I could not capture the tip
 the base
situated where the Indian and Great South Oceans meet

self timed picture

 next we had precious time to catch Margaret River Township before all businesses close at 5!!

 such a pleasant walk around the cute town!!!
 no traffic, no crowds, no kerbs, no fences, no litter or clutter!
 let's see if I can get anything from this boutique!
 nope!!! but I could play peek a boo
 and lounge around
 then I saw Rocky Road choc fudges!!! and the store was closing in minutes!

 Perth's famous chocolate Fudge Candy Factory!!
 A last walk around the town and we have to depart for dinner
 at this country club

so beautiful and serene

 fish meal

and beef steak 
for a full tummy and a long ride back to the hotel.

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