Monday, October 5, 2015

Perth 2nd Day 2 Oct 2015

On the second day we started our tour proper. Today we will do King's Park, Freemantle and a cruise down Swan River.
At King's Park
" King’s Park and Botanic Garden
Boasting beautiful views of the Swan River and Darling Range, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is an oasis of peace near the heart of the city. Almost two-thirds of this sprawling 1,000-acre park is natural bush, which harbors a diversity of native plants and birds"
(From the brochure..)
I was intrigued by this tree that had a skirt and a tiara! 
No wonder was planted by the queen of England herself 
It's a River Gum Tree and it commemorated her visit to Perth about
61 years ago....hey that tree is older than me hehehe
These are some of the beautiful flowers and I saw local gardeners that are not foreigners like in Malaysia 
Then I saw this!
It is the very spot that I took a photo here 16 years ago when I brought my 2 elder kids here! 
I will dig out the old photo and do a comparison!! Watch this space ! 

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